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Wednesday, December 31 1969

2014 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Assembling a Winsert

Submitted by: Janet Massucci

Winserts are window inserts that are an economical way to create two more air spaces between yourself and your window, providing more insulation and protecting against drafts.  This video is a condensation of a free, hands-on workshop on making "Winsert" interior storm windows that was sponsored by the Gill Energy Commission and funded by Green Communities grant money.  


Cargo Bikes

Submitted by: Andy Morris-Friedman

 In our original concept for this video we were going to compare cargo bikes to a car and the car would lose. First, it would have a flat tire, then a dead battery and finely there would be a shot of me being giving a ride in a cargo bike carrying a gas can. But we decided to be pro-bike and not anti-car. Will it be an issue that we didn't wear helmets when we test road the bikes? By the way, Gabor (the expert in the video) disagrees with me which bike was the most popular. He likes the home made cargo bike that he made the best.


Community Gardens

Submitted by: Jeromie Whalen

A brief, serene stroll through the Northampton community gardens on a summer’s day.   




Cycles of Sustainability - A Horse-Powered Farm Nourishes the Land and Community

Winner 2014 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Submitted by: John Nordell

Natural Roots organic farm is located in Conway, MA. Instead of using tractors that run on non-renewable petroleum, the work horses "run" on hay, grown on the farm. Rather than using petroleum-based fertilizers, the horse manure is transformed into fertilizer for the crops.  The delicious organic produce, grown using techniques that sustain the soil, rather than deplete it, is picked up weekly by individuals and families who pay an upfront fee which allows them to share in the harvest throughout the growing season.   This system, known as Community Supported Agriculture, reciprocally nourishes the farmer as well the community members.   


Edible Garden Bike Tour

Submitted by: Andy Morris-Friedman

This video is from last summer but wasn't finished in time for last year’s festival. I didn't realize that so many people have such nice food gardens. Personally I never had much luck gardening, I had a "brown thumb" and everything I planted died. So my transition plan after the energy crash was to starve. But now even I am starting to grow some of my own food. I just want to know why other peoples’ Kale is so much bigger than mine. Now I've got Kale envy.


Even The Bees Are Local

Third Place 2014 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Submitted by: Karen Shapiro Miller & Susan Worgaftik

Local beekeepers and bee advocates Dan Conlon and Tom Sullivan  pinpoint mites, habitat loss, and pesticides as the key reasons that honey bee populations, essential to food production, have declined dramatically over the past 30 years. Native bees may be needed to take up some of the slack, but they face some of the same challenges. "Even the Bees Can Be Local" considers how Western Massachusetts residents can support local pollinators by providing bee nesting habitat and bee-friendly gardens.   


Farming Is Fun

Submitted by: Larry Green

City kids love farming too. If you have a space to plant they will plant. The love and interest these kids showed was outstanding. They learned that loose soil never boils and that if it is green to not be mean and if it is brown, then you must hoe, hoe it down. Thank you for this great festival.  The kids truly enjoyed and the farm will be bigger and better next year and each year after that.


Glorious Grass

2nd Place Youth Category 2014 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Submitted by: Tristan Smith and Bryan Terrell

Watch as nature goes through a daily routine, as Foot disrupts the meditation of nature. Although there might be tragedies there is always hope for a breakthrough.   



Into The Forest

1st Place Youth Category 2014 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Submitted by: Ben Bradley-Gilbert

I set out to capture the beauty of my backyard during and before the golden hour. The opening of the film touches on how in this age of convenient transportation where everyone has a car and is able to go anywhere in very little time at very little expense to their physicality, we tend to lose contact with the world around us and everything that we pass by on our way to work, school, etc  


Marcella Jayne

Submitted by: Rob Deza

Born into an environment of poverty, Marcella Jayne was tumbling through life, perpetuating the cycle.  This inspiring story highlights her tumultuous past, and what happens when she starts making different choices for herself and her family.  Listen as she describes how her time at Mt. Holyoke shapes her future, and helps challenge her perceptions, so that she can better challenge others


The Earth Is Burning

Submitted by: Doug Wight

Doug E. Wight from Greenfield set up an illegal 900 square foot Global Warming Climate Change Exhibit on Boylston St. sidewalk in Copley Square, Boston, this summer.  We asked passers-by to do two important things: Do something positive to reduce their personal carbon footprint and sign a letter asking their senator on congress member to pass a carbon use fee tax on corporations only while simultaneously giving all corporations a tax-break for using renewable energy to operate their office buildings, factories, and warehouses.     Thousands saw our exhibit and over a 100 people filled out our congressional letter.  We held a culminating event on the Boston Common. Here's my interview on the dire threat of Global Warming Burning Climate Change and what we can do to slow and stop it. 


The Longmeadow Bike Swap

Submitted by: Mike Anderson

What ski swaps have done for skiing, the new Longmeadow Bike Swaps are doing for biking- to promote re-use of bikes, to encourage bike use for short distance travel, and to promote bike safety for children and adults.



The White Rose

2nd Place 2014 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Submitted by: Rob Deza

If you ask people about High Street in Holyoke, they'll either tell you how full of energy and excitment it was or how deserted and desolate it is now.  The White Rose, run by two extraordinary women, seeks to create a different story for that of High Street and Holyoke.  Listen as they tell you what has motivated them and inspired them to open an unlikely book store in an even more unlikely location.  This is the story of the white rose in Holyoke.


Village Hill Cohousing

Submitted by: Greg Lewis

Village Hill Cohousing in Northampton, MA, currently in the design phase, is a group of individuals gathering together to form a new, resilient community.  With homes designed by Kraus Fitch Architects of Amherst and built by Transformations, Inc., the residents will enjoy net positive energy performance, on-site food production, and the interwoven strength of supportive neighbors.  This video, taken during breaks in a cohousing design workshop, briefly explores how the principles of self-reliance can be enhanced when shared within a single community.