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Wednesday, December 31 1969

2016 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

AIC Recycling

Submitted by: Shiane Wilkins

How the school is making a difference in recycling at the school by starting a Recycling Program.




American Lawns Ain’t Green

Submitted by: John Nordell

Use a reel lawnmower and natural fertilizer to reduce air, noise and water pollution.





Auerbach Farm

Submitted by: Mikhali Buchanan

An interview with Education Director Kim Read at Auerbach Farm about the facility and its impact on its community.



Climate Change

Submitted by: Zachary Joubert

This video speaks about peoples’ views on Climate Change.




Creating Economic Friendly Jobs

Submitted by: Chandler Cotton Jr.

The community can progress as we create jobs that will eliminate garbage that lies in the grass or street.





Submitted by: Alice Thomas

This video was made in the spirit of my environmental view as part of the transition Northfield project. My topic is the river: how it blends and dances, simultaneously, with all time.



Gillbilly’s Hoop Dream

2nd Place 2016 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Submitted by: Daniel Botkin

A chronicle of assembling a new, high-tunnel hoop house at Laughing Dog Farm 2016.



GMS Grade 5 Green River Cleanup

Submitted by:Ashley Fitzroy

Greenfield Middle School students engage in Community Service at the Green River Clean up!



Go Green

Submitted by: Kelvin Brito

This film speaks on Global Warming and how everyone can contribute to prevent it from getting worse.



Going Green Expo

Submitted by: Alexander Smithline

This documentary tells the story of the Going Green Expo held at Sinai Temple. Put together by the Longmeadow Transition program the expo worked to educate citizens on hard to combat climate change.



I Oppose the Pipeline

Winner 2016 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Submitted by: John Nordell

The proposed Kinder Morgan NED pipeline would transport fracked natural gas from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts.  Opponents marched along sections of the proposed route.



Juanita’s Waltz

Submitted by: Daniel Botkin

A community approach to the taming of dairy goat kids.



Mass Save Energy Audit

Submitted by: Janet Massucci

Mark Skinder does an Energy Audit with Norm and Marsha





Project Clean Plate

Submitted by:  Randal Hernandez

My film was covering the efforts of the A|C Dining hall in terms of community involvement. The Project Clean Plate’s initiative is to reduce waste I was covering both the impact on students as well as administration.




Saving the Environment

Submitted by: Shawn Reid

What college students are saying about saving the environment.




Small Gardens

2nd Place 2016 Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Submitted by: Ron Kanter

How to maximize the yield of a small garden.



The Red Pine Scale

Submitted by: Chris Carter

It is a film about the insect infestation in the woodland area of Leeds, MA.




The Runner

Submitted by: Cody Stone

Movie about Hayden, a boy who decided it’s better to run to work than to drive.




Using Sustainable Energy

Submitted by: Zachary Joubert

This film discusses the use of sustainable energy.