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Friday, September 14 2018

All Good Things....

Summer is coming to an end, school is back in session, and we have to bid adieu to our awesome intern, Ben.  For the last several months, Ben has been here three days per week, helping our staff with a variety of projects.  He was instrumental in planning and organizing both our Behind the Screens event for teens and our National Tell a Joke Day video.  He even designed the posters for those gatherings.  Ben is also a card-carrying geek, so we're going to try to squeeze a lot of Sci-Fi references into this blog post.

In addition to being a fan of Science Fiction, Ben likes tech.  He was constantly bringing in new "toys" and apps to demonstrate for us. Today, to say so long and thanks for all the fish things he's done for us, we're throwing him a little party, a mini-party if you will.  Given all of his interests (he knits too!), we couldn't figure out what to get him:  a TARDIS so he can come back and work with us whenever he wants and still get all of his school, sleep, video gaming, eating, etc. done? A hoverboard? A new iPhone?  Unfortunately, none of that stuff is in the budget so we're just ordering up some fun food from our replicators, complimenting him (so say we all!), and sending him off with a hearty, "Be excellent to each other!", though we know it will take Wyld Stallyns to drag him away from us.