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Friday, August 18 2017

All Government Meetings, All the Time

Well, not exactly but our town officials did keep us busy this week as we filmed the Greenfield Human Rights Commission Meeting on Monday, the Greenfield Town Council on Wednesday, and yesterday's informational meeting about the new parking garage.  You'll be able to watch all of them on Cable Channel 15 in the coming weeks and all three should also be online by the end of today.

The council meeting was a new experience for us, as it was the first time we broadcast from the new Greenfield High School (GHS).  Our staff went over in the early afternoon, to set up equipment, and returned around 5:30PM in order to do final tests prior to the broadcast.  Because we no longer have a direct cable connection at the school, we used their internet and our point-to-point streamer to send a signal back to the station, which we could then route to Cable Channel 15 and YouTube.  It worked pretty well and more than 250 people watched the proceedings online.

There was so much interest in this meeting that the GHS cafeteria hit capacity and a small crowd was left outside.  Never fear!  Our outgoing executive director came to the rescue by running back to our office and grabbing a small public address speaker, which he hooked directly into the audio feed, allowing everyone to hear what was going on.  After a 3 hour public comment session and 2 hours worth of agenda items, we also owe a debt of gratitude to our awesome volunteer Dave Sherman, who stuck it out running a camera for us until the council adjourned their session at midnight.

If you missed this marathon meeting, or want to watch it again, be sure to tune in at 1:30PM tomorrow, or 9PM on Sunday, and stay informed about important local issues.