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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Sep 15 2017 - 1:03pm

Polka music videos are very popular with our audience and there is a dedicated group of volunteers who make sure that local stations like GCTV continue getting new, and new to us, programs on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the person who has been bringing us reruns of Polkatime with Ed Targonski and new episodes of At the Dance with Tom & Deb will no longer be able to do that. We appreciate the service he provided for us all these years and we’ll miss his occasional visits to our office. In addition, we discovered that the producer of At the Dance with Tom & Deb has decided to hang up his dancing shoes, after 15 years, so there won’t be any more new episodes of that program.

On a positive note, At the Dance with Tom & Deb’s producer has agreed to supply us with reruns of his program and we’re looking into getting some new polka shows to add into our rotation. This means that, for the next few weeks, we’ll be rerunning the last 5 or 6 episodes we have of both shows and then replacing Polkatime with Ed Targonski with At the Dance with Tom & Deb. Eventually, we hope to find a new program to run in Polkatime with Ed Targonski’s slot. To find out what programs are on, and when, be sure to check our TV Schedule or just stay tuned!

Sep 8 2017 - 2:17pm

Whew!  That was a lot of work yesterday, and we had to deal with wind and rain to boot!  On the upside, our staff and volunteers had a lot of fun bringing you the live broadcast of this year's event.  We especially want to thank our wonderful hosts Russ Brown, of The Dukes of Sports, and Tom Dillon of Dillon Chevrolet; camera operators Greg Greuling, Dave Sherman, and Sam Pyfrom; and switcher operator Tom LaChance.  Extra special shout-outs go to photographer Heather Abbott and Simeon Paresky, who showed up to help at the last minute, as well as the Greenfield Department of Public Works (DPW) for placing traffic cones on the street side of our setup to ensure our safety.

You can check out more pictures here.  You'll notice how beautiful it was before the parade started and then watch as the sky gets darker, and the ground wetter, as the celebration proceeds.  Our man-in-the-street camera, run by the indomitable Sam, had to be covered with a rain poncho and Simeon reacted very quickly as he held an umbrella over our still photographer's head to keep her camera dry.  The best moment of the afternoon occured when a parade participant covered Sam and his camera with silly string.  Thankfully both our photographers were standing right there and one managed to capture the moment.

The parade video will be online later today and it will air on Cable Channel 15 today at 4PM, tomorrow at 1:30PM, Sunday at 9PM, and Tuesday at 6:30PM.  Enjoy!

Sep 1 2017 - 1:17pm

Nine years ago, when our current new media producer started working here, all of our foreign programming (shows not produced at, or directly for, GCTV) came to us via hand-delivered or mailed DVDs. In addition, when Homegrown was syndicated and recording new live shows each Monday, we were mailing out about fifteen DVDs per week to other stations. Then, producers began discovering file sharing sites and asking if they could send us a link, so that we could download their shows instead, saving time and the expense of dealing with discs. We had to experiment a little, making sure we had enough bandwidth and could get the right file types, but what began as a trickle has now become us downloading more than half of the programs we show that aren’t produced using our facilities or equipment. We even had to install a separate internet line dedicated to downloading. In addition, we have the capacity to make our local shows available for download by other stations, through the Mass Media Exchange website powered by Telvue Connect. It’s really nice when technology upgrades make one’s life easier!

Aug 25 2017 - 1:09pm

We know many of you don't want to think about the cooler weather that's coming, though it doesn't exactly feel like summer outside today, but we have to plan ahead.  Believe it or not, this year's Franklin County Fair Parade is less than 2 weeks away and we've already got our volunteers lined up, hosts committed, and a bunch of great sponsors on board.  We're still working out some technical issues, and we'll need to open our offices at 11AM on September 7th, instead of 10AM, but we're very excited to be able to televise this event live for all the folks who won't be able to line the streets of downtown Greenfield.

Hot on the heels of our fair parade coverage will be the task of providing you with Greenfield Preliminary Town Election results, around 9PM on Tuesday, September 12th.  Though the process of transitioning to an new executive director left us without the staffing needed to gather all of the candidate information that we usually do, we will make sure that the public is informed of the outcome as soon as possible.

After that, we'll begin looking to organize ourselves for the Greenfield Rag Shag Parade and the town election on November 7th.  Last year's Halloween Parade hosts, Dukes of Sports Russ Brown and our New Media Producer Alicia Brody, have already discussed several joint costume possibilities.  If you have a suggestion, please let us know!

Aug 18 2017 - 11:38am

Well, not exactly but our town officials did keep us busy this week as we filmed the Greenfield Human Rights Commission Meeting on Monday, the Greenfield Town Council on Wednesday, and yesterday's informational meeting about the new parking garage.  You'll be able to watch all of them on Cable Channel 15 in the coming weeks and all three should also be online by the end of today.

The council meeting was a new experience for us, as it was the first time we broadcast from the new Greenfield High School (GHS).  Our staff went over in the early afternoon, to set up equipment, and returned around 5:30PM in order to do final tests prior to the broadcast.  Because we no longer have a direct cable connection at the school, we used their internet and our point-to-point streamer to send a signal back to the station, which we could then route to Cable Channel 15 and YouTube.  It worked pretty well and more than 250 people watched the proceedings online.

There was so much interest in this meeting that the GHS cafeteria hit capacity and a small crowd was left outside.  Never fear!  Our outgoing executive director came to the rescue by running back to our office and grabbing a small public address speaker, which he hooked directly into the audio feed, allowing everyone to hear what was going on.  After a 3 hour public comment session and 2 hours worth of agenda items, we also owe a debt of gratitude to our awesome volunteer Dave Sherman, who stuck it out running a camera for us until the council adjourned their session at midnight.

If you missed this marathon meeting, or want to watch it again, be sure to tune in at 1:30PM tomorrow, or 9PM on Sunday, and stay informed about important local issues.

Aug 11 2017 - 1:32pm

As we search for a new executive director, and current personnel take their summer vacations, we find ourselves a little short-staffed. Today is a perfect example. Normally, we have three people on duty in the office on Fridays but we’ve been down to two since Scott left. Unfortunately, one of those two people is on vacation this week, leaving just one person to woman the office all day and she needs to be able to take a break at some point. To that end, a wonderful former intern of ours, Carolyn Sky Caron, who also happens be a local actor, director, stage manager, and producer for both video and theatre, has agreed to help us out.

She’s taking short shifts here and there, including today, to make sure that no one is overwhelmed, and we really appreciate it. Thanks Carolyn!

Aug 4 2017 - 6:59am

Thanks to requests from the public, and the hard work of one of our producers, four new programs will be entering the lineup on Cable Channel 15 this month and next.  If you like music, be sure to check out Thoughts & Sounds (which is recorded in our studio) and O! Melodious Show (filmed a bit north of us in Cheshire, NH).  Both programs feature interviews with, and mini concerts by, guest performers.  In addition, O! Melodious Show includes an eclectic mix of other content such as art, comedy, and games.

For those of you who are not musically inclined, the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans Services District informed us that Sound Off is once again available.  Tune in for news and information related to former military personnel and highlights about benefits that are available to those who have served our country.

Finally, a Hampden County fan of public domain horror movies decided that public access stations need to include more of them on the air.  To that end, he created Graveyard Cinema.  You'd be surprised what is available without copyright restrictions; the show's first season contains movies produced from 1932 to 1981.

One last note, if there is a program from somewhere else that you want to see on our channel, and you live or work in Greenfield, give us a call at 774-4288 and we'll talk about the process with you.  It's pretty fast and easy so don't be shy.

Jul 28 2017 - 10:59am

It may be hot outside but it's cool in our air conditioned offices and studios.  Now is a great time to come in and learn how to film and/or edit your own TV program, host a radio show, produce a music video, or record a song or podcast.  You can also volunteer to help us with our own productions or just stop by to look at the new art on our lobby walls.  Whichever option you pick, we'll be happy to see you.  Give us a call at (413) 774-4288 for more information or simply come on down!

Jul 21 2017 - 1:12pm

Yesterday afternoon, we received one of those phone calls that no one wants to get.  GCTV Board Member Chris Collins informed us that longtime board member Edward “Skip” Hammond had passed away unexpectedly.  We were shocked to say the least.  Skip's presence here was large and our organization really won't be the same without him.

Skip was many things to many people when he served on the GCTV Board:  mentor, partner, advisor, counselor, diplomat, and most of all friend.  His support for the organization and all involved was amazing and appreciated by everyone.  His guidance and expertise helped steer GCTV through a very difficult time in its history and without his wisdom and influence our organization might not be here today.  He was a very humble but accomplished man, who worked with great anonymity behind the scenes, avoiding credit for what he had achieved as he was quite satisfied with just doing good.  In addition, he was always the first to praise others on their accomplishments and give credit to them for their achievements.

Board President Garry Longe remembered Skip this way, “During my life I have met a lot of outstanding, inspirational, people but I can honestly say he has been on the top of the list of individuals I aspire to be like.  I'm personally a much better person for having had the privilege of knowing and spending time with Skip Hammond."

Outgoing Executive Director Scott MacPherson also honored Skip after hearing the news.  "I can't think of someone that was more committed to directly impacting and inspiring people in this town, including me."

Rest in peace, Skip, and thanks for all you did for us!

Jul 14 2017 - 1:28pm

After 11 years of outstanding service, as Station Manager and Executive Director at Greenfield Community Television, Scott MacPherson will be leaving to launch a new community television station in Holyoke as the next step in his long time career goals. On July 1st, Scott moved into a part-time role at GCTV, that he will retain until the end of 2017, in order to assist with our leadership transition.  In the meantime, the board of directors will conduct a thorough search for a new executive director, with an expected hire date of early fall.

The GCTV Board of Directors would like to publicly acknowledge Scott’s accomplishments. During his tenure, Scott renovated all components of video production, post-production, and broadcast in our facility so it is now 100% High Definition (HD).   In addition, he designed and implemented a Low Power FM (lpFM) radio station and associated audio production studios, developed a fully functioning community web presence including video and audio streaming capabilities, and helped expand the GCTV facility to include 1st floor operations and offices.  His outreach and service to community organizations and local government has been praised by all in the area.  We would like to thank Scott for all he has done for the station and wish him continued success with his career and this new endeavor.