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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Oct 12 2012 - 5:29pm

It’s here!  From 4pm to 10pm, today and tomorrow, our studio will host one entry in Greenfield’s 4th Annual Brick & Mortar International Video Art Festival.  We’re excited to be one of this year’s locations and hope to see many of you come through our door.  Alison S. M. Kobayashi’s nineteen minute film “Defense Mechanism” (2012) will run on a continuous loop throughout the event.  More on her work can be found here.  Below you can see how we have our studio set up for the showing.

On another topic, hopefully you’ve seen all the reminders from us, and other local media outlets, that the voter registration deadline for November’s Presidential and State Election is this coming Wednesday, October 17th.  Once you’re ready to vote, be sure to check our voter information page to find out more about the candidates and issues on the ballot.  Did you know that Greenfield has two additional ballot questions, one dealing with whether or not corporations should be treated as people and the other about taxing & regulating marijuana, that are not mentioned in the voter information booklet that was mailed out to all registered voters a few weeks ago?  For the text of those referendums, as well as absentee ballot information, a schedule of rides to the polls, and more, please click here.

Lastly, all of us were saddened this week by the death of former GCTV Executive Director Marty McGuane, who left an indelible mark on this community.  We don't know that it can be summed up quickly, all he did for this organization, but suffice it to say:  GCTV would not be in the position it is now without his vision.  His ability to connect this organization to the community set a standard that we continue to strive for.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and many friends.  Rest in peace Marty.

Oct 5 2012 - 2:16pm

Last Friday, Drew Hutchison, host of “Local Bias”, brought a special guest into our studio to tape an interview.  Starfleet Vice Admiral Doug Mayo, commanding officer of the local Star Trek fan club, gamely answered Drew’s questions about what a chapter of the organization does.

Though not members of Starfleet, many of our staff and producers are self-proclaimed geeks.  After the taping, we got a chance to pick Admiral Mayo’s brain about the many iterations of Star Trek on TV and in the movies.  We also swapped convention stories, took some pictures (you can see one below, the others are in our "Special Guests" image gallery), and generally nerded out.  It was a lot of fun and we appreciated him hanging out with us after he was done with Drew.  The episode they recorded will begin airing on Cable Channel 15 at 5:30pm on Wednesday, October 10th, and will be available to watch online shortly thereafter.

*IDIC, Vulcan motto

Sep 28 2012 - 4:12pm

If you haven’t tuned in to “Valley Homegrown” lately, you don’t know what you’re missing!  The show has been on, in various incarnations, since 1997 and many musicians featured on the program are well known today; The Nields and Ray Mason spring immediately to mind, as does Naia Kete.  In fact, of the nineteen winners in this year’s Valley Advocate Grand Band Slam, seven have done live performances in our studio.

Videos of Pop category winner Goat Boy, Shokazoba (World category), and Jamie Kent & the Options (Jazz) are all available to watch here on our site (just click on the band's name).  You can also catch Jamie and his band live when they return to our stage on November 19th.  In fact, you can watch many great musical acts live when “Valley Homegrown” broadcasts at 7pm every other Monday.  We recommend arriving around 6:45pm to be part of our studio audience.  Check out for a schedule of upcoming shows. 

On an unrelated note, today is the deadline for entries in the Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival (PVTTFF).  We’ve received a bunch of entries and we’re excited to see what the judges think.  To see the films for yourself, and find out who won, be sure to attend the gala screening at Greenfield Community College’s Sloan Theater on October 19th.  We’ll have more details about that event for you in the coming weeks so keep checking back.

Sep 21 2012 - 12:12pm

After Wednesday night’s town council meeting, one of our volunteers was lamenting the fact that no one was planning on filming an event she will be attending on Monday.  She stated that she wouldn’t mind running a camera for it but that she wouldn’t be able to edit it.  Our other volunteer for the evening commented that she would be unable to go to said event but that she’d like to see it.  After a couple minutes of discussion, the second volunteer realized that her own editing project was almost complete and that she’d be looking for something new to work on.  She then made the offer to the first volunteer that, if the first volunteer would record the talk, she would edit it.  We signed them up for some equipment and made plans to transfer the footage and pass along the message when it’s ready to work on.

The story above demonstrates that you are not just helping us when you volunteer for a GCTV production.  In addition to gaining valuable skills, our producers, camera operators, sound runners, and directors have a chance to network with each other in order to further their own goals.  So, if you aren’t already on our volunteer email list, send your information to and she’ll make sure that you are notified of each month’s opportunities.  You can also check our calendar here on the site.

On another topic, if you missed the premiere of “The Money Doctor” you can watch it online here.  The first episode introduces you to Dr. Frances Rahaim, why she does what she does, how she got here, and what you can look forward to on the show in the future.  Enjoy!

Finally, the Franklin County Emergency Response workshop that we wrote about last week is also available to watch online here.  If you’d like to read the material that was handed out during the event, click on the link below the video.

Sep 14 2012 - 5:06pm

*A while ago, we told you about a new personal finance show that would be joining our lineup in the fall.  That time is almost here and this afternoon Producer Chris Collins put finishing touches on the first episode of “The Money Doctor” in preparation for its premier next week, on Wednesday, September 19th, at 1:30pm.  Earlier in the week, host Dr. Frances Rahaim promoted the show on local radio stations and you can read more about that here.

*On Wednesday, our Station Manager attended the Franklin County Emergency Response Workshop on Ethanol Awareness.  This was a gathering of first responders, and some local media, to learn about the environmental impact of, and possible responses to, a large volume ethanol spill.  He was there not only to keep us in the loop, in the event of a chemical disaster, but also to film the session.  You can watch it on Cable Channel 15 at 5pm today or 11pm on Sunday. 

*It’s not too late to get your entry in to us for the Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival (PVTTFF).  Two weeks remain, before the September 28th deadline, so get your local environmental/sustainability short films in now! 

*This week we uploaded some of our best Franklin County Fair Parade pictures and you can check them out here.

*Did you see the blurb, on page C3 of today’s Recorder, about students at Deerfield Academy (DA) offering an eight week computer skills course to interested adults?  The item was part of Anita Fritz’s “Neighbors” column and we think this offering from DA could be good for both GCTV producers and WMCB 107.9-lp FM DJs who don’t feel completely comfortable with their computer skills.  The listing seemed to indicate classes had already started but, for more information, you can call 413-774-1487.

*Producer of “Flyby News Presents” Jonathan Mark was interviewed on WHMP AM1400/1240/FM 96.9 on Wednesday.  He spoke about his work with Valley 9/11 Truth, and former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel, to start another investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.  He also discussed the videos that he’s produced through GCTV.  You can listen to the interview here.  You can watch his videos here.

Sep 7 2012 - 1:59pm

Whew!  Now that we can take a breather to look back over yesterday, we’d like to share a few thoughts with you about our coverage of the Franklin County Fair Parade and Massachusetts’ Primary Elections.

At 6am yesterday, our Station Manager covered the parking meter in front of The Arts Block, ensuring we could use that one parallel space as an outdoor control room and studio.  (Big thanks to the town of Greenfield for giving us permission to do that!)  At 9am he began pulling equipment together at the office, before heading over to the parking spot to set up our tents, cameras, and other paraphernalia.  As the day wore on, he was joined by other staff members to help run cables, watch over things, and Tweet some setup pics to our followers.  (Big thanks to The Arts Block for letting us use their wireless internet connection and put a camera in one of their third floor windows!) 

The live broadcast of the parade went really well, the footage looked terrific on the air, and it was exciting to be Tweeting thoughts and pictures while the event was going on.  If you missed any of this, check our homepage later for links to the video and a photo gallery.  You can also review our Twitter feed.

As the rest of the staff and volunteers (Big thanks to hosts Tom Dillon & Russ Brown, Director/Camera Operators Jimmie Bailey and Tom La Chance, and Camera Operators Sam Pyfrom and Susan Laing!!!) cleaned up, our New Media Producer turned her attention to election results.  A little before 8pm she was at Greenfield High School awaiting numbers.  By around 8:45pm our town’s totals were up at and she was on her way back to the office to receive phone calls from Town Clerks all over Franklin County.  As the votes came in for Register of Deeds and Clerk of Courts, our election results page continued to be updated until 10:30pm.  We are proud of the fact that we began posting county-wide totals around 9:15pm and were able to call a winner in both of those races at 10pm. 

Whether you attend these events yourself, watch our live broadcasts on cable channel 15, view election results here on our website, or follow us on Twitter, we will continue to refine and expand our coverage of important local happenings like these to make sure that you can stay informed no matter how much time you have or how you choose to engage with us.

Aug 31 2012 - 4:08pm

As we’ve pointed out before, Thursday, September 6th, will be Primary Elections Day in Massachusetts in addition to being the kickoff for the Franklin County Fair.  We will be very busy that day making sure you get the most out of both events.

Our Station Manager will spend most of the morning gathering all the equipment we’ll need to bring down to Main Street and then head over to set up in the early afternoon.  Follow us on Twitter for pics of that set-up, behind-the-scenes during the shoot, and the parade itself.  If you’re downtown watching, you’ll notice that we’re in a new location, in front of The Arts Block and Queen of Cups.  Thanks to the folks at Town Hall, The Arts Block, and Comcast for helping this transition along.  If you’re not planning on lining Main Street, tune in to Cable Channel 15 beginning at 5pm for our LIVE broadcast.  Our program will once again feature Russ Brown, co-host of the “Dukes of Sports”, and Tom Dillon, of Dillon Chevrolet, as our commentators giving you the inside scoop on all of this year’s participants.  Their fun and insightful banter is not to be missed!

After the parade, our New Media Producer will head over to Greenfield High School in order to bring you election results.  At that point, we suggest turning off the TV and going instead to  Around 8:30pm we’ll post Greenfield ONLY results on our homepage.  But wait, there’s more!  We have made arrangements to get totals from all the towns in Franklin County for the Register of Deeds and Clerk of Courts races.  This means that you can get these results FIRST here on our website.  We’ll update the totals as we get them, probably beginning around 9pm, and announce the winner as soon as all the votes are in.

One last thing, please vote on September 6th.  It is very important for everyone to have a say in how our government works.  It only takes a couple of minutes and you have a thirteen hour window in which to do it.  If you need more information, and you haven’t looked at our elections page yet, or haven’t seen the new things we’ve added (schedule of rides to the polls, Clerk of Courts Candidate Forum video, etc.), click here.

Aug 24 2012 - 2:24pm

Elections and the Franklin County Fair Parade are just around the corner and Labor Day is one week from Monday.  If you haven't figured out who you're voting for, or even if you have, be sure to click on over to our elections page for pictures, bios, links, and videos from the candidates, as well as polling location and absentee ballot information.

Putting this all together takes weeks of planning and many communications back and forth with the Greenfield Town Clerk’s Office, Massachusetts’ Elections Division website, and the people running for office.  With the primaries being pushed up to THURSDAY, September 6th, and the Franklin County Fair Parade taking place that evening, we had a bit more work to do in less time than we expected, but through emails, phone calls, and even regular mail, we got it done.  Even though we didn’t see Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren, we did have candidates come to our studio from as far away as Chicopee, Springfield, and Worcester.  At this point, we’re just waiting on confirmation of the schedule, for rides to the polls on election day, to fill out the page. 

Next, we’ll post results on our homepage as soon as we can after the polls close.  Our New Media Producer will quickly switch gears, first helping with our live telecast of the fair parade, and head over to Greenfield High School to get numbers from the town clerk.  We’ll be working to get them live on our website around 8:30pm.  Keep checking back to make sure you stay informed and please participate in this democratic process.

Aug 20 2012 - 2:05pm

You may have noticed many videos and articles on our website lately focusing on food.  We’ve showcased farmers’ markets, local restaurants, nonprofit agricultural organizations, food drives, and the Free Harvest Supper.

Perhaps we’ve had food on the brain because we’ve been working on a documentary about that last event.  Over the past several months, many people around here pitched in to create a full-length program (coming soon to Cable Channel 15!) that will show you how the supper goes from an idea to a community meal and from seeds to amazing dishes.  Our staff and producers have been visiting local farms, riding along with volunteers as they picked up donations, chatting with chefs in their restaurant kitchens, and interviewing attendees. 

We feel strongly that we have preserved an important tradition on video while creating some great memories for all involved.  One of the best moments was one of our folks standing in the middle of a barn, surrounded by 800, 7-day-old, turkeys and getting them to interact with our camera.   They’re just so cute!

We’ll be posting a short follow-up video, about yesterday’s meal, today on our homepage and the longer piece will be available soon.  In the meantime, if you haven’t watched and/or read about the other things going on, be sure to check them out.

Aug 10 2012 - 4:48pm

In last week's blog post, we told you about fun things to do this summer.  Now, we want to look ahead.  Fall in New England has more to offer than just leaf peeping, especially around here.

Let's start in September with a double whammy on the 6th when voters across Massachusetts will vote in Primary Elections and many in our area will also be participating in, or watching, the Franklin County Fair Parade.  We will be covering both events and plan on televising the parade live in the early evening and then bringing you election results on our website around 8:30pm.  Also, look for election information to start popping up on our website soon.

October brings us the Brick & Mortar International Video Festival on the 12th & 13th as well as the town's annual Rag Shag Parade later in the month.

The Double Take Fringe Festival will be coming back for their second event, on November 9th & 10th, and we'll be recording the annual GHS vs Turners Falls High School Thanksgiving Day football matchup once again.

You can stay up to date with all of this and more by checking out our calendar.  Click on the "month" view and then flip through, using the <<Next>> links, to see what's happening.  If you click on an event, you'll see the details.  Remember to keep coming back because we'll be adding more things as we get them.