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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Jul 27 2012 - 11:42am

We think Drew Hutchison and his team are doing really well.  The last two guests on “Local Bias”, Al Norman & Doug Wight, had “My Turn” columns published in The Recorder, coinciding with the airing of their shows.  Today, Chris Collins revealed in his regular feature that Scott Cote will be in our studio this afternoon to tape the next episode, which will begin airing on Wednesday at 5:30pm on Cable Channel 15.  Kudos to everyone at “Local Bias” for putting out a quality product; snagging high profile, intelligent, articulate guests; and being acknowledged as valuable resource in our community.  Way to go!

Jul 20 2012 - 2:44pm

On Tuesday, we welcomed "Power Down Debt" into our studio.  Over the course of this series, Dr. Frances Rahaim will speak with area residents who were able to get out from under a load of debt.  They share tips and explain how you can manage your finances better too.  In addition to Dr. Rahaim's professional and educational background, the show has a lot of local media talent behind it.  Writer, commentator, and politcal analyst Chris Collins is executive producing, while longtime "Dukes of Sports" director Sam Pyfrom takes care of those (directing) duties here as well.  The first two episodes feature Joe Ruggeri, who you may recognize from Ruggeri Real Estate and/or Greenfield's Board of Assessors, and Debbie Williams, who runs "purse parties" for Madison Handbags.  This show promises to be informative and high in quality so remember, as the leaves turn and the temperature changes, keep an eye out on Cable Channel 15 for "Power Down Debt".

Jul 13 2012 - 12:48pm

*Apologies for the title of this post, our webmaster just can't resist a good play on words.*  :)

Summer seems to be a good time for a lot of our producers to work on their shows.  We’ve been watching as equipment checkouts and editing time have increased and this week was the best yet.  Ten shows checked out thirty-nine pieces of equipment, which reflects both having more productions and having their crews take cameras more often.  This is a good time to remind everyone that if you want to check out equipment, especially on a Friday to have over the weekend, we recommend calling two weeks prior to your shoot.  Scheduling editing time on our computers has a little more flexibility but those slots are filling up faster than they used to.  We often have all our PCs in use at once, this week nine producers took advantage of them for almost 40 hours.

In other news, we’ve added one more summer intern to our roster.  You’ll be seeing Will around the office two days a week while he’s covering stories of interest to our community.

That's it for this week.  Stay cool!

Jul 6 2012 - 9:30am

As a community television station, independence is at the core of what we do.  We are cable access, which means we help all kinds of people get their voice heard and do what they want to do---not what someone else tells them they should.  We respect the freedom of speech and air political and social content from the Left, Right, and Center.  Programs on Cable Chanel 15 can be radical, conservative, fictional, documentary, musical, appropriate for young children, educational, and much more.

We have interview shows like “Local Bias” & “Franklin County Matters” that really focus on interesting people and organizations making a difference here.  They also illustrate how national issues affect our town and county.  “Valley Homegrown” brings amazing local bands into your living room every other week.  Area houses of worship provide us with their weekly services and nonprofits like the YMCA and DIAL/SELF show off what they do.  Candidates for state and town offices record video statements, to help voters get to know them, and we air town meetings and public information shows like GED Connection, Road to Recovery, and Physician Focus.  All of this keeps viewers up to date and provides them with resources they may find helpful.

We couldn't do what we do without all our wonderful volunteers, producers, board members, and supportive residents & officials.  We are not an arm of the town or the cable company, though we cooperate with both and the amount of our funding is determined by the contract between the two.  This enables us to focus on our mission without judging the content people bring us.  We think this is also an important thing to celebrate during the week containing Independence Day.

Speaking of holiday celebrations, if you're worried that you missed Greenfield's July 4th celebration, don't.  It will actually take place tomorrow (7/7), unless it rains.  In the event of inclement weather, the festivities will be on Sunday (7/8).  We'll have a camera at Beacon Field so, if you miss the fireworks, you can watch them on Cable Channel 15 on Friday, July 13th, at 6:30pm.

Jun 29 2012 - 3:26pm

We began rolling out a new feature on our website this week.  It’s a small thing, but we think you’ll like it and find it useful.  If you’ve used our calendar, you may have thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if I clicked on an event and could watch the video of it?”  Well, now you can!  We started with the Greenfield Town Council Meeting on June 20th and Valley Homegrown featuring the band Medicine Warriors on June 25th.  If you check out their event pages, you’ll see a link at the bottom for “Video Reference” that you can click on to watch the program.  We work to have things like that online within 24-48 hours after they happen, but events that don’t take place in our studio can be delayed.  Don’t forget, you can always scroll down to the very bottom of any page on our website to see the latest videos that have been added.  You’re also welcome to browse through our Video on Demand Player.

Another new feature we rolled out recently, that you'll notice on the 6/20 council meeting page, is a link to the event's agenda and accompanying materials.  We will continue to upload the council meeting packets as we get them, usually a few days to one week before the meeting, and post on our Twitter feed that they're available.  If we are given relevant materials for other events, we'll be happy to post them too.

One last reminder, a good friend of the station’s is a member of the Pirozhkova family and is working hard to join American Olympic Wrestler Elena in London this summer to watch her compete.  They are holding two fundraisers this weekend and you can support them by checking out the information below.

Jun 22 2012 - 3:21pm

Video contest, video size & quality, video editing, video shooting, and video equipment.  Yes, we are aware that the preceding sentence is actually a fragment, but it perfectly states everything we’re going to tell you about in this blog post.

First up, if you haven’t seen the promo yet, be sure to check out our short video calling for entries in the Pioneer Valley Transition Town Film Festival.  If you’ve ever thought about making a short film (10 minutes or less), or entering one in a contest, now’s your chance!  GCTV, or your local access station if you don’t live nearby, can help you bring your idea to the silver screen.  To watch the video, and find out more about submission guidelines, click here.

Next, you may have noticed a change in size for the last few videos we’ve uploaded to this site.  Our Video on Demand service switched over from .flv (Adobe Flash) files to .h264/.mp4 files a short time ago.  They did this so that any videos viewed through their player would be accessible on any device, Mac or PC, tablet, iPhone, etc, and because Adobe announced they would no longer be supporting/upgrading Flash software.  We think this changeover is a really good idea, and it allows us to post larger---better quality---videos, so we’re in the process of transitioning to that format.  We’re still experimenting, so you may continue to see videos of varying sizes over the next couple of weeks as we tweak the export settings for our web content.

Finally, we thought we’d provide you with a snapshot (hey, video cameras produce still images!) of how our producers made use of us this week:  6 programs were edited for a total of more than 20hrs spent on our computers, 6 shows were shot in our studio over the course of 17 hours, and 7 producers checked out a total of 18 pieces of equipment.  It was a good week.

Jun 15 2012 - 12:25pm

We are lucky to have two recent, class of 2012, Greenfield High School (GHS) graduates working with us this summer.  Rita & Hannah are bright, articulate, go-getters who are eager to begin careers in television.  They started this week, after being recommended to us by their video teacher, and GCTV board member, Drew Hutchison and interviewed by our Station Manager.  Yesterday, they partnered with staff member Ian Bauer to produce a short video for our homepage about the Greenfield Business Association’s Music @ Noon concert series.  They learned how to conduct interviews, package up a news story "doughnut" (adding voiceovers to the beginning and end of a middle made up of interviews and footage taken during the event---also known as b-roll), and use our field equipment.  Specifically, Rita did the interviewing and voiceover while Hannah ran the camera and sound.  Then they collaborated on the editing, having both become proficient working in Adobe Premiere during Drew’s class at GHS.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch their piece, check it out here.  Be sure to keep an eye on our homepage throughout the summer for more stories from these talented teens.

Jun 13 2012 - 3:22pm

For those of you who were wondering about how this all works, and why some results couldn't be posted until today, we offer some insights about the process.

First of all, when a voter wants to write-in a candidate on election day, they not only have to write that person's name on the blank provided, but they need to connect the two halves of the arrow next to the "write-in" line (see example below). 

If the voter writes in a name but doesn't connect the arrow, the machine reads it as blank.  If the voter connects the arrow but doesn't write in a name, the machine reports it as a write-in.  There were numerous examples of both of these voting errors last night and they all had to be checked and re-counted by the Greenfield Town Clerk's Office.

In addition, if a write-in candidate successfully gathers the most votes for a particular office, for instance the two Trustee of Soldiers Memorial positions that had no official candidates listed on yesterday's ballot, they must accept the position in writing, after being notified of their win by the town clerk.

Jun 7 2012 - 3:12pm

Highlights from this week include:

*Our Station Manager using a lot of our equipment to film Sunday's Greenfield High School graduation at Greenfield Community College.  (If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here.)

*The amazing band Who'da Funk It headlining "Valley Homegrown" on Monday night.  They really rocked the house with their blend of many different kinds of music.  (Click here to enjoy their performance.)

*Hosting the last Greenfield Town Council Ways & Means Committee Meeting of this budget season on Wednesday.  It lasted about 2 1/2 hours and the councilors were able to forward a positive recommendation of both the mayor's proposed operating and capital budgets to the full council.  (Missed it?  Click here to watch.)

*Also, a lot of producers were in creating some great content so stay tuned to Cable Channel 15 for more new shows.

Jun 1 2012 - 3:52pm

For those of you who don't know, PEG TV stands for Public, Education, & Government Television.  Some community access stations focus solely on one of the three (or have separate channels for each) and others, like us, have a mixture of programming on their channel(s).

Usually that means we are helping producers to create a wide variety of shows, as well as facilitating the recording of major government meetings.  This week, however, we were busy taping candidate statements for Greenfield's Town Election on June 12th and putting together a page about it for our website (click here to find out more about the candidates and watch those videos), broadcasting the town council ways & means committee's final meeting with department heads about the Fiscal Year 2013 Proposed Budget (watch it here), and recording a candidates forum produced in our studio by Barbara Tillmanns & Jeanine Greaves.  The forum will air tonight at 5 and again on Monday at 12:30AM.  It will also be available for viewing on our website some time after noon on Monday.

We hope you are all availing yourselves of these great opportunities to stay informed about local government and make your voice heard.  Please vote on June 12th and let us know if there's more information you would like to see us post online or on Cable Channel 15.