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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Dec 16 2011 - 5:11pm

In news doubly related to GCTV, it was reported in today's Recorder that "Dukes of Sports" co-host Mike Cadran has put together a CD full of newspaper articles chronicling our local Thanksgiving Day high school football rivalry between GHS and Turners Falls.  As many of you know, we alternate filming the game each year with MCTV (Montague Community Television); they film it when it's at TFHS and we take care of it when it's GHS' home game.  After January 1st, folks interested in the history of the longest continuing Turkey day contest can stop by the Greenfield Public Library and ask to use the disc in one of the library's computers.

Also making news, The Recorder will announce its Citizen of Year this coming Tuesday at the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce's Annual Holiday Breakfast.  We'll be there taping the event for later broadcast on Cable Channel 15 and plan to get an interview with the winner.  If you're there, stop by our table and say hi. 

Speaking of things we film for later airing, our staff and volunteers attendend the annual holiday fundraising concert for Greenfield High School's music department on Wednesday night and that will be shown tonight at 7pm.

Finally, as we announced in this blog last Friday, we're now on Twitter.  This week we experimented with Tweeting during the town council meeting as a way to give viewers access to more information.  If you were watching on Wednesday night, and following us, you would have been able to look at the zoning map being referenced, get details for January's precinct meeting, and follow a link to the town clerk's office while those things were being discussed.

Dec 9 2011 - 1:22pm

We really appreciate that recently more people have been recognizing us as an important resource, documenting Greenfield's Town Council and School Committee Meetings.  In addition to broadcasting them live on Cable Channel 15, we keep three months worth of meetings in the "Local Government" category of our Video on Demand Player, at all times, so that you can see firsthand what goes on.   We also like to remind folks that these meetings are are open to the public---town council meetings take place in our studio, usually on the third Wednesday of the month, at 7pm, and school committee meetings take place in the library at Greenfield High School, usually on the third Thursday of the month, at 6:30pm---so you can come down and watch them in person as well.

Other ways to get involved in local government and politics include working on campaigns, staffing a legislator's office, and running for a seat yourself.  If you aren't sure how to get started, last weekend's "Careers in Politics" workshop, hosted by 2nd Franklin District State Representative Denise Andrews, has some good ideas for you.  We had two cameras at the event and Monday's news story about it was only the beginning.  Over the coming weeks we'll be sharing the three panel discussions ("Careers in Campaigns", "Careers in Staff", and "Careers in Elected Office") with you on TV and online.  They were very informative as all the participants are politically active on the state or local level and have actual experience in the fields they discussed.  The keynote speech, "Politics 101:  How to Get Involved and Make a Difference", given by Mary Anne Marsh, was entertaining as well as pertinent.  Through personal stories and anecdotes she inspired attendees and you'll be able to watch her presentation as well.

Another helpful piece to look for soon is a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) from the Northwestern District Attorney's Office of Consumer Protection.  It will have important information to keep in mind as you purchase gifts for friends and family this holiday season.  Not all return policies are created equal and this one-minute video may help you avoid disappointment later on.

Finally, we'd like to share about a new way we have to keep you up to date with what we're doing.  We've joined Twitter!  You can find our tweets at!/GCTV15.  We'll be shouting out producers as they work on their shows, alerting you to new content posted on, sharing special events, and more.  Please follow us and feel free to let us know if there are specific items you'd like to see on our Twitter feed.

Dec 2 2011 - 2:13pm

Our producers were very busy this week, with more than ten shows in production.  Highlights from the week include:

Coop Power began a long-term project by interviewing their executive director, Lynn Benander.

"Franklin County Matters" host Dave Roulston recorded a new show, about Medicare and Franklin County Home Care's SHINE (Serving the Health Information Needs of Elders) program, that will begin airing on Monday on Cable Channel 15.  For a sneak peek at one of the topics that will be covered in the show, check out the short video on our homepage.

Reba Rasbury is transitioning her "Let It Rip" radio show to tv and has been working away at one of our PC editing stations most of the week.

The Executive Director of the Community Health Center of Franklin County sat down with Mayor Bill Martin for a new episode of "Mayor's Memo".

Local nonprofit DIAL/SELF has been editing some new programming and their already completed virtual tour video should be showing up on the lower right side of our homepage soon. 

This afternoon, the crew from "Local Bias" expects to film two shows---including one with former Northampton Mayor, and current head of Community Action, Clare Higgins.

Producers also got together with the larger GCTV/WMCB family on Wednesday night for an informal meet & greet.  DJs, volunteers, board, staff, crew, and local public servants joined them for fun, food, and networking.  Many good connections were made during the evening and Russ Brown, big GCTV fan and co-host of "The Dukes of Sports", came up with a great suggestion for this year's April Fools video.  (It's never to early to start planning for that treat!).

Nov 23 2011 - 4:59pm

Since we will be closed tomorrow and Friday for the holiday, we want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy, healthy, safe, and grateful Thanksgiving. 

Thinking about gratitude brings us to some good news about our broadcast server, which---as we mentioned in last week's post---we've been having some trouble with.  We found some bad files on it and cleared them out, which will keep our programming on the air as we explore replacement options.  

We've also been able to add more video content to our website including State Treasurer Steve Grossman's address to the chamber of commerce (which we told you about last week in this blog), the Massachusetts Broadband Institute's Community Meeting from November 9th, and the Greening Greenfield Energy Committee's "Creating Greenfield's Future" event.  They can be found in the "FCCOC Speakers" & "Special Features" categories respectively.

While you're watching our Video on Demand Player you may notice some changes to its look.  We're tweaking it a bit to integrate it more with the design of our overall website.   It's a work in progress but we think it's starting to look better already. 

Another thing to check out while you're there, especially if you are a local football fan, is the latest episode of "The Dukes of Sports".  Hosts Russ Brown and Mike Cadran came in on Monday morning raring to discuss many of the Valley's Thanksgiving Day matchups.  As always, they provide an in depth look at the rivalry between GHS and TFHS.  You can watch the full game on Cable Channel 15 at 6pm tomorrow and we'll try to post it online over the weekend.  If not, we'll get it up on Monday.

That's it for now.  Enjoy your holiday!

Nov 18 2011 - 5:21pm

Before we close the books on this week, we'd like to share two quick things with you.

One, the speaker at this morning's Franklin County Chamber of Commerce breakfast was State Treasurer Steve Grossman.  He spoke at length about the issues involved with either renovating or rebuilding Greenfield High School, the important role of local banks in fostering entrepreneurship, and the need for people to be financially literate.  We'll be posting his talk on our website, in its entirety, early next week so stay tuned.

Two, you may have noticed some problems with our broadcast signal recently.  We've been having some issues with our server (the piece of hardware that holds all of our programs for air) and we are looking into a variety of solutions.  We'll keep you posted over the coming weeks so keep checking back here on Fridays.

Nov 10 2011 - 4:54pm

Because it's a short week, and we're involved in things happening this weekend, we want to take a few moments to talk about the end of the week first. 

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and Greenfield will be recognizing our servicemen and women with a parade through downtown and ceremonies at Veterans Mall.  Even though we're closed, one of our staff members will be on location tomorrow morning to film the parade and recognitions so that you can watch them on Cable Channel 15 next week or online as part of our Video on Demand Player.

The fact that we're closed will also not prevent our being used tomorrow and Saturday as a location for the Double Take Fringe Festival, as their folks perform two pieces during three showtimes at our studio.  If you haven't heard about this avant garde theatre feast click on over to the short preview video we did for it.  The actors and director for "All the King's Women" have been in here several times this week rehearsing and putting the finishing touches on their production.  

"Franklin County Matters" also spent some time this week putting finishing touches on their latest projects.  Producer Tom Roulston edited two shows highlighting local social service organizations.  Host Dave Roulston recently interviewed a group of folks from the ARC about the programs they have to help adults with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities.  Right after that, Dave sat down with Bob Sunderland, Executive Director of the YMCA in Greenfield, to talk about all the great community services they offer.  That episode can be viewed here and the other should be available early next week.

We've also been focusing on service to the community this week and some of our staff members took advantage of a quiet Wednesday afternoon to get interviews with local agencies who will be helping people this holiday season.  Over the coming weeks you can expect to find stories on our homepage about ways you can donate food and toys, help the Salvation Army, and even perhaps "adopt-a-family".

Finally, we'd like to mention Monday night's "Valley Homegrown".  The band this week was Shokazoba Afrofunk Ensemble and they were smokin'!  The crew was very excited to have such a great group of musicians on the show and you can check them out for yourself by watching this episode here.

Nov 4 2011 - 12:01pm

So much has happened since last week's blog post that it may not be possible to include everything here.  In keeping with our mission to keep you informed, we'll at least hit the highlights.

Before the storm, there was the Rag Shag Parade.  A huge crowd enjoyed trick-or-treating at downtown Greenfield businesses, admired Andrew Easton's pumpkin carving technique, and participated in the recreation department's costume contest.  Not even a gas leak that was discovered and fixed a few hours prior to the event, in a pipe running under the street in front of The Arts Block, could dampen anyone's "spirits".  

The gas leak did, however, require the Department of Public works to tear up a portion of asphalt (see photo above)---causing us to change the location from which we shot the parade, and provided our station manager with a few minor technical difficulties to solve, in addition to encouraging the parade to take a slight detour onto the town common itself.

From there the judes awarded prizes in five categories for kids and two that included adults.  There was some fierce competition this year in the Best Homemade, Most Original, and Group/Family categories.  The most popular ideas seemed to be very little kids in cute furry animal costumes, optical illusions (man in gorilla cage, ogre with child), and costumes on wheels.  Even dogs got into the act!

To see the rest of our pictures from the event, click here.  You can also watch the video of our live coverage of all the fun and view the winning costumes.

Unfortunately, on Saturday the fun stopped.  The unusually high snowfall amounts, and bad road conditions, cancelled events around the region inculding our Masquerade Party.   We really appreciate everyone who supported us beforehand, from the folks who bought tickets to the businesses who donated prizes and operated as additional ticket sellers (World Eye Bookshop & The Greenfield Grille).  Though we won't be rescheduling this costume event, we are starting to plan for another "fun"draiser and will let you know the details once they're worked out.  As a reminder, anyone who purchased tickets before October 29th may return them to our office for a full refund.

The storm continued to present problems on Monday as people tried to return to work without 100% power, phone, internet, and other utilities and crews worked to clear downed trees and power lines.  Our station was fortunate to be fully up and running on Monday morning and we worked to get emergency information out to the public in as timely a manner as possible.

The mayor held a press conference at 1pm and we posted both a five minute bullet point news video and the full version on our website around 5pm.  We continued to receive disaster asistance updates from the mayor's office throughout the week and posted them on the lower left of our homepage.

If you haven't been checking that lower right news feed on our homepage regularly you may have missed some important information.  We've stated here before that we're working to put one new piece up there per day, in addition to posting a new video on our homepage each day, but sometimes we have more.  By the end of the day today, we'll have posted four new items including reminders that Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend, many animals were affected by the storm and are looking for good homes, and help is still available for people who anticipate having trouble heating their residences in the coming months.  If you missed anything, be sure to click on over to our News page to catch up.

Speaking of catching up, after a slow start to the week, many of our producers were able to work on their shows despite the aftereffects of the storm.  The Greenfield YMCA and Baystate Franklin Medical Center were able to produce new episodes and folks from the Double Take Fringe Festival came in to get a better feel for our studio space in preparation for their performances here next weekend (we're closed but you'll be able to get in for the shows, click here for more info.).  The Greenfield Town Council also went ahead with their planned Special Meeting at Town Hall on Wednesday, to do first readings on changes to the Fiscal Year 2012 Operating Budget, and you can watch the full eight minute meeting here.

That's about it for this post.  'Til next week, we hope you stay safe, warm, & dry.

Oct 28 2011 - 2:36pm

In addition to getting ready to cover Greenfield’s Annual Rag Shag Parade, and put on our Masquerade Party fundraiser, we spent the week assisting producers, enjoying a great performance on “Valley Homegrown”, and lending our support to the first local U. S. Senate Candidates debate of the season.

With our help, the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office saw two of their projects come to fruition this week with an updated public service announcement (PSA) for tomorrow’s National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, and one for their Consumer Affairs Division, hit our homepage.  Staff members from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also finished up their “Recovery Now!” series in both English and Spanish and would like to remind folks that the deadline to apply for FEMA recovery aid related to Tropical Storm Irene is this coming Wednesday, November 2nd.

Speaking of storms, the band HydroElectric took “Valley Homegrown” by one on Monday night.  The band describes their sound as “reminiscent of the early classic rock greats” as well as “a stoner/psych/metal project”.  You can check them out for yourself by watching their episode here.

You'll also soon be able to watch last night’s Athol Orange Television/GCTV co-production of the United States Democratic Senate Candidates Debate co-sponsored by the Greenfield and Athol Orange Democratic Town Committees.  As campaign season gets underway, we plan on bringing you more debates and information on the candidates so keep checking our homepage for more.

If you’ve been on our homepage regularly, you know that this is a big weekend for us.  We’ll begin broadcasting the Rag Shag parade live, from in front of Town Hall, at 5:30pm.  Amanda Jo from Bear Country 95.3 returns to co-host the event, this year with local author (and aspiring stand-up comic) Eve Brown-Waite.  Tune in to Cable Channel 15 for all the fun and afterwards  be sure to head back to where we'll be posting pictures of the parade’s costume contest winners  between 7:30pm and 8:30pm.  On Saturday night, we’d love for you to join us at The Greenfield Grille for our 3rd Annual Masquerade Party.  We’ll be dancing to the sounds of Zydeco Connection, enjoying all the outfits during our costume contest, and raffling off great prizes donated by local merchants.  Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the door ($15 each, cash or check only) beginning at 6:45pm tomorrow.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!

Oct 21 2011 - 4:26pm

After another busy week, we take a little time to reflect on some of the news stories we worked on:

On Tuesday, Massachusetts lawmakers released their proposed maps for redrawing state House and Senate districts.  Our Station Manager immediately got on the phone with local legislators, setting up interviews to get their thoughts on the new political lines as they relate to Greenfield, and we hope to post that story on our homepage next week.

On Wednesday night, Greenfield's Town Council debated their response to the proposed legislative districts live on Cable Channel 15 and you can watch that for yourself when it re-airs tomorrow afternoon, following the Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) Meeting from Thursday night which airs at 1pm.

In addition to covering the FRCOG on Thursday, our Station Manager attended the Knowledge Corridor Light Rail Groundbreaking ceremony in Energy Park in the afternoon and we broadcast Greenfield's School Committee Meeting live that night.  The dignitaries attending the groundbreaking were happy to spend a few moments with us afterward, including State Representative Paul Mark who gave us his views on re-districting in addition to discussing the jobs and other benefits resulting from passenger train service returning to Greenfield.

Finally, we were excited to catch up with David Pakman early this morning, after his speech to the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, to discuss his self-titled show which airs on GCTV Tuesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 11pm.

One last noteworthy thing we'd like to mention, our Masquerade Party fundraiser is just over a week away.  If you want to find out about the prizes you could win in our costume contest, click on over to our page on Facebook for some sneak peeks.  To find out more about the event in general, click here.

Oct 14 2011 - 4:35pm

This was a busy week for the arts in Greenfield, and greater Franklin County, and we were right in the thick of it.  Promoting upcoming events, assisting local organizations with their preparations, and interviewing artists was done by both staff and volunteers over the past four days.  

We produced short pieces for our homepage about both happenings taking place downtown this weekend---the 3rd annual Brick & Mortar International Video Festival and Greenfield's Annual Word Festival---as well as next weekend's art exhibition showcasing the work of the Kitchell/Kabaker family

Our Station Manager met with some folks from the Double Take Fringe Festival, a theater smorgasbord similar to the two festivals ocurring this weekend, to help them plan because we'll be a stop on their tour Veterans Day weekend.

Meanwhile, the producers of "Franklin County Art Matters", "Franklin County Matters", and "Local Bias" all sat down with area artists to discuss their work.  On Wednesday evening, Tom Roulston directed a shoot in which organizers of the MassLOCA (the Massachusetts League of Crazy Artists) show shared their inspiration and creative process.  The next night, his brother Dave spent some time with The United Arc's Pioneer Club to discuss art empowering adults with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities.  Finally, Drew Hutchison spoke this afternoon with poet (and WMCB DJ host of "Speciocracy" as well as Greenfield's Precinct 1 Town Councilor) Marian Kelner about her book "As a Sailboat Seeks the Wind".   You can find out more about each of these shows when they air on Cable Channel 15 over the coming weeks.

In other news, we're continuing to improve this website.  Did you notice that our "New to VOD" block has moved and expanded?  If you're looking for something to watch, be sure to scroll down our homepage for the latest additions to our Video on Demand Player.

That's all for this week.  Enjoy the arts this weekend!