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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Mar 16 2018 - 12:32pm

In order to better serve the community, our hours of operation will become Monday through Friday, 10AM to 6PM, as of Monday, April 2, 2018.  This will enable us to have more staff members available to work with producers, during the hours that a majority of people want to use our facilities.  For those folks who absolutely need to schedule in the evening, appointments between 6PM and 8PM can be made in advance, subject to staff availability.

This was something we were talking about before our staff retreat but it will enable us to do more of the things we discussed during that planning session.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email GCTV Executive Director Oscar Lanza-Galindo or call him at (413) 774-4288.

Mar 9 2018 - 1:40pm

As promised, we're going to fill you in about some of the topics that came up during our staff retreat last week.  We were very productive and many good ideas came out of the time we invested in this process.  The two items we want to share with you now involve consolidating editing stations on the first floor and a special event we're planning for the spring.

Some of you may have noticed that we've had to be more careful lately, about when we schedule producers to edit their shows, depending on what computer the files are on.  This is because we need to make sure that we have enough staff on both our first and third floors at any given time.  Fundraising Associate Philippe has also been splitting his attention between computers located upstairs and downstairs in order to get all of his work done.  To make things easier on everyone, we are working to move all of our editing computers, the DVD printer, the DVD duplicator, and related supplies into our first floor space.  This way, we will only need to provide staff upstairs when our TV studio is in use and editing slots should become easier to schedule.   We'll let you in on the details are as we get closer to actually implementing them.

We'll also keep you posted about our plan to host a fun production workshop for teens sometime this spring.  We came up with a framework for a two to three hour Saturday slot that will feature the group creating a talk or variety show and then watching it while they chow down on pizza.  It will be a chance for youth to learn various aspects of TV production in a way they can relate to and will provide an additional program for us to air on Cable Channel 15.

That's it for this week!  Remember to keep checking our blog each Friday for more information about what's going on behind the scenes around here.


Feb 23 2018 - 12:25pm

We aren't running away, instead our offices and studios will be closed next Friday, March 2nd, so that our employees can concentrate on ways to move GCTV forward, during our annual Staff Retreat.  In addition to strategic planning, we'll be discussing ideas to improve productivity and efficiency, engage more with the community, and restructure our offices.  We want to be the best Public, Education, & Government (PEG) station that we can and this is a big step in that direction.  There won't be a blog post next Friday but be sure to check back on March 9th, to find out how the retreat went and where we plan to go from there!

Feb 16 2018 - 3:28pm

This was a busy week for us!  On Monday, four programs were shot in our TV studio, including a brand new music show.  Then, on Tuesday and Thursday, we had so many producers and DJs in here that there were several periods when Philippe was working with three of them at the same time!  Of course, our staff took care of recording and live broadcasting Wednesday night's Greenfield School Committee Meeting as well and the fun hasn't stopped yet.  As our new media producer writes this, there are two more people upstairs editing their own videos.

We really do love being so busy and we appreciate that this bump in activity means more content for our viewers.  In fact, the seven producers who spent twenty-one hours editing their shows this week represent several different genres.  For example, a staff member from the Northwestern District Attorney's Office created several public service announcements (PSAs), participants in Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution (FCCPR) have finished the first episode in what they hope will be an ongoing series, and local musician and activist Ben Grosscup is working on music videos.  Look for all of these, and more, to begin showing up on Cable Channel 15 and on our website in the coming weeks.  Until then, check back next Friday for more about what's keeping us occupied.

Feb 9 2018 - 2:25pm

That was the question we asked on our Idea Wall yesterday and we got quite a creative response from our staff members!

The drawings on the left (including a self-portrait) are courtesy of Executive Director Oscar Lanza-Galindo, while the snowflakes came from part-time staffer Sky, and Fundraising Associate Philippe contributed the guy camped out on the floor of his place watching movies.   As you can see, a couple of us worked from home, but we all still found time to do some fun things as well.  Remember, if you're stuck at home on a snow day, one of the fun things you can do is tune in to Cable Channel 15 to check out some great local programming.  Until next week, stay warm and have some fun!

Feb 2 2018 - 2:20pm

Our staff is thrilled that Greenfield Winter Carnival 2018 is finally here!  Part-time staffer Sky hit the streets this morning, to speak with some of the ice carvers, and we'll post her video on our homepage this afternoon.  Our new media producer was out and about as well, and you can see her pictures here.  At 5:30PM, Fundraising Associate Philippe will head over to the town common to film the MEGAdance party.  That event is a new addition to Winter Carnival and we've heard that the group leading it will be wearing lots of glow-in-the-dark accents, in order to stand out.  That should make it a nice lead in to the 4th Annual Parade of Lights, which Philippe will also record as it makes its way through downtown.  Then, on Sunday afternoon, Sky will be hard at work on Beacon Field.  She'll mainly be documenting the cardboard sled contest but she may find time to record the K-9 Keg Pull, get b-roll of other events, and even eat some chili!  We'll post Sky & Philippe's finished videos on our homepage sometime on Monday, so be sure to check there to see all the fun.

Before we end this blog post, we have to give kudos to Christy Moore, as well as and her staff and volunteers, at the Greenfield Recreation Department.  Not only do they put on a fabulous event every year but, given the vandalism that occured to previous years' ice sculptures, now they've rounded up a squad of folks who will be patrolling downtown from 12AM to 6AM Saturday and Sunday to ensure that 2018's creations last through the weekend.  Thanks for going the extra mile you guys!

Jan 26 2018 - 12:44pm

As promised, this week, we're going to share some pictures from our Idea Wall with you but, before we do that, we have a couple of housekeeping notes.  There have been two bugs in the code for our website that have been troubling us for years and our developers have been unable to fix them.   Thankfully, our recent switch to Gmail for our email hosting seems to have corrected the issue with our contact form and you can now use it to send us messages directly from this site.  In addition, you can once again move forward week by week in our TV Schedule.  We don't know how that got fixed but we're glad it did!

Now, onto the creative stuff!  We've found a new use for our community whiteboard, as a weekly events calendar.

What you see on the left is a brief synopsis of each day's events for the coming week, including some inspirational drawings to remind us what some of them are.  You can probably tell from the drawings that we're really excited it's almost time to film Winter Carnival.  Incidentally, it was our executive director who drew the pictures of the ice carving, snowman, and cardboard sleds crossing the finish line.

In addition, we're still asking questions to get to know our staff, volunteers, DJs, producers, and the public.  This week's started much quoting and brought back lots of fond memories.  Here's a closer shot of that side of the board:

That's it for this week.  Check back next Friday for more!

Jan 19 2018 - 4:31pm

Though our offices were only open three days this week, due to the holiday on Monday and the snowstorm on Wednesday, we didn't let that slow us down.  Several of our staff members worked from home, while the winter weather reminded us all that it's still January.  Once the roads were clear, our staff worked dilligently to set up for the livestream and broadcast of this week's Greenfield Town Council Meeting.  Then, on Thursday, staff members were able to process and post the video online, in addition to catching up on tasks that had been postponed from the day before.

Now, we're looking forward to next week, when we'll have a whole bunch of new productions to work on.  Three producers have already reserved time to shoot episodes of their shows, another is signed up for editing time, and our staff will be recording the Franklin County Regional Council of Governments Meeting (FRCOG) on Thursday night and the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast on Friday morning.  Unfortunately, in order to give the FRCOG and chamber breakfast the attention they deserve, we've had to postpone our staff retreat.

We had planned on closing our offices next Friday, in order to concentrate on strategic planning, but we want to share both of the aforementioned events online with you as soon as possible.  To that end, we'll be open as usual on Friday, January 26th, and we'll tell you more about the staff retreat after it's rescheduled, so keep checking back!

Jan 12 2018 - 2:45pm

This is a transition that has been in the works for a while but finally came to fruition this week as our staff began to access their emails through Google, instead of our previous hosting service.  When Oscar Lanza-Galindo came on board as our new executive director, late last year, he noticed some inefficiencies with our email system and suggested that we could have more functionality with another provider.  To that end, he created a GSuite account for our organization and we've spent the last month getting used to creating and sharing documents online.  Now that our email accounts have been added to the mix, our staff can easily find and track conversations, share mailing lists and contact information with each other, and automatically add events to our calendars.  It makes our workflow so much better!  The other great thing about this is that our email addresses didn't change, so there is no negative impact to the general public.  In fact, the new system is so much better and easier that you might get a reply faster than you expect when you contact us in the future.  Check back next week for more news and notes!

Jan 5 2018 - 1:02pm

As promised, we're going to tell you about the latest addition to our offices in this week's blog post.  Our executive director, Oscar Lanza-Galindo, recently ordered a batch of Idea Paint and hired a local handyperson to install it on one of our walls.  It's been framed out really nicely and there's even a holder for all of its supplies.

As you can see, it's already gotten some use because we've all discovered that it's fun to write on the walls!  Seriously, though, this is a great mechanism for us to ask questions and get feedback, as well as for producers, DJs, and visitors to communicate with each other.  If you have a suggestion, come on in and write it down.  The board will be erased every few days so that there will be plenty of room for your ideas to join these:

Before we erase the board each time, we'll record the helpful information on it and use that to make changes when appropriate.  Periodically we'll share pictures of the board here on our blog too, so keep checking back!