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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Nov 3 2017 - 2:02pm

We're very busy so we'll keep this week's post short.  Our staff and volunteers had a lot of fun at Greenfield's Rag Shag Parade on Tuesday and they were especially happy that The Addams Family won the Group/Family category in the recreation department's costume contest.  All of our folks were impressed by this entry because not only were all of the major characters represented but each person stayed in character the entire time.  "Morticia" and "Gomez" even danced a tango for the judges!  Speaking of dancing, we'd also like to give our own "Honorable Mention" to the Zombie Family entry because the event's DJ unexpectedly started playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" while they were in front of the judges and the parents busted out some "killer" choreography on the spot.

Now that our Halloween fun is over, we're prepping for Greenfield Town Election Results and the Greenfield School Committee Meeting next week, so stay tuned!

Oct 27 2017 - 1:53pm

Dedicated readers of this blog will know that our new media producer's favorite holiday is right around the corner and that it's a big day for our station.  In order to cover it well, we will be closing the office at 4:30PM on Tuesday, October 31st, and sending our staff over to Greenfield's Energy Park for this year's Rag Shag Parade.  Our program hosts, Dukes of Sports Russ Brown and GCTV New Media Producer Alicia Brody, have been working on their paired costumes for weeks and can't wait to show them off.  You may also see Alicia running around downtown taking pictures, in costume, earlier in the afternoon so feel free to say, "Hi!"  In addition, this event may enable you to greet Oscar Lanza-Galindo, our new executive director, because he'll be up on stage with the awesome Greenfield Recreation Department staff, taking pictures of costume contest winners.

Once the fun has ended, Alicia and Fundraising Associate Philippe Simon will race back to the office to share it all with you.  Since we can't broadcast or stream the parade live, Philippe will turn it around for airing on Cable Channel 15 at 8:30PM that night and Alicia will post pictures of the winning costumes on our homepage.  The full event should be available to watch on our website Wednesday afternoon or evening.  We hope you all have a really happy Halloween, enjoy our coverage of the day, and don't eat too much candy!

Oct 20 2017 - 11:36am

It’s been great having Oscar Lanza-Galindo in the office this week! On Monday we had our first full staff meeting with him and spent the time getting to know each other, talking about what our staff currently does, and sharing our hopes for future GCTV projects. Then Oscar got to experience how we handle technology troubleshooting, as we all walked in on Tuesday morning to discover that one of our two internet lines was down. With help from our former executive director, we restored internet access to the majority of the office and got WMCB’s radio content back on the air and online. Unfortunately, we still had to spend a lot of time figuring out, and implementing, a work-around so that we could livestream the Greenfield Town Council Meeting on Wednesday, and the Precinct Candidates Forum on Thursday, because Comcast couldn’t schedule a service call for us until this afternoon.  When he wasn’t assisting with tech support, Oscar was meeting with our board, getting up to speed in relation to policies and ongoing projects, and researching efficiencies that will help us serve the public even better.  Soon he’ll be introducing himself to our regular producers, volunteers, and DJs, and then the wider community, so stay tuned!

Oct 13 2017 - 6:59am

Here at GCTV we are all about making sure that everyone has a chance to get their message out to the general public. One of the best ways to make your voice heard is to vote, and Greenfield has a town election coming up on November 7th. To help you make an educated decision that day, we have teamed up with The Greenfield Recorder, WHAI 98.3FM, Bear Country 95.3FM, and the League of Women Voters of Franklin County to bring you 2 live candidate debates. Next Thursday, October 19th, at 7PM, residents running for town councilor in specific precincts will gather in our studio to answer questions and discuss local issues. The following Thursday, October 26th, prospective at-large councilors and school committee members will get their opportunity to share with voters. You are welcome to watch in person, on Cable Channel 15, or on

In addition to the various seats on town boards and committees, there will be several ballot questions to vote on, next month, and GCTV Board Member Chris Collins will be putting together a short video about them. It will run during the debates and then be added to both our over the air rotation of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and our online video offerings so that you can add to your knowledge at any time. As director of Frontier Community Access Television (FCAT) and a Greenfield Recorder political columnist, the debate production team felt that Chris was the perfect choice to produce this program.

So, whether you tune in live or you watch these videos later, please get out the vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. It’s important!

Oct 6 2017 - 12:13pm

Last but certainly not least, we conclude the introductions of our temporary, part-time, staffers with a little information about Esther Glovacki.  A recent graduate of Emerson College, Esther is pleased to be back in her hometown of Greenfield, and the Pioneer Valley at large.  She loves all things having to do with film production, especially documentary filmmaking & editing. We mentioned in a prior post that Esther got her start in the industry here at GCTV, as a high school intern, but we forgot to highlight the fact that she was also a valued volunteer on Valley Homegrown.  She has since obtained her B.A. in Media Production from Emerson College and has worked on numerous productions in Boston, Los Angeles, and the Pioneer Valley.

We're really glad to have had Esther re-join our team so please make sure to say hi when you see her in the office!

Sep 29 2017 - 12:45pm

Last week, we wrote about how we have some new faces in the office and now we'd like to introduce you to one of them.  Acting as a production staff member here, Simeon Paresky's duties include assisting the community with scheduling, checking equipment in and out, and offering editing training.  A graduate of Greenfield Community College, Simeon was first an intern at GCTV, in 2009, before becoming a freelance photographer throughout Franklin County and Martha's Vineyard.  In addition, as a multimedia associate, he was part of the Martha's Vineyard Film Festival marketing team.  He also acted as photographer for small wedding events on the island.

We're really glad he returned to Greenfield just in time to help us out.  Thanks Simeon!

Sep 22 2017 - 12:53pm

As we continue the process of picking a replacement for outgoing Executive Director Scott MacPherson, we've taken on some additional, part-time, staff to fill in the gaps.  All three are former GCTV interns, familiar with our procedures and equipment.  One of them has already helped us out during this transition; we shared about Carolyn covering breaks while people were on vacation in our August 11th blog post.  Now, she's here for five hours on Mondays and she's been joined by Simeon Paresky (here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) as well as Esther Glovacki (here on Fridays).  This means that, for more than half of each week, we're back up to full staffing levels.  That gives us more flexibility when scheduling producers, holding events, and getting out of the office for work and breaks.  If you call or come by the office anytime soon, you're likely to be assisted by Carolyn, Esther, or Simeon.  They can schedule equipment, studio time, or an editing station for you, check out equipment, provide training, and more. Please join us in welcoming them and expressing gratitude for their support at this time.

Sep 15 2017 - 1:03pm

Polka music videos are very popular with our audience and there is a dedicated group of volunteers who make sure that local stations like GCTV continue getting new, and new to us, programs on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the person who has been bringing us reruns of Polkatime with Ed Targonski and new episodes of At the Dance with Tom & Deb will no longer be able to do that. We appreciate the service he provided for us all these years and we’ll miss his occasional visits to our office. In addition, we discovered that the producer of At the Dance with Tom & Deb has decided to hang up his dancing shoes, after 15 years, so there won’t be any more new episodes of that program.

On a positive note, At the Dance with Tom & Deb’s producer has agreed to supply us with reruns of his program and we’re looking into getting some new polka shows to add into our rotation. This means that, for the next few weeks, we’ll be rerunning the last 5 or 6 episodes we have of both shows and then replacing Polkatime with Ed Targonski with At the Dance with Tom & Deb. Eventually, we hope to find a new program to run in Polkatime with Ed Targonski’s slot. To find out what programs are on, and when, be sure to check our TV Schedule or just stay tuned!

Sep 8 2017 - 2:17pm

Whew!  That was a lot of work yesterday, and we had to deal with wind and rain to boot!  On the upside, our staff and volunteers had a lot of fun bringing you the live broadcast of this year's event.  We especially want to thank our wonderful hosts Russ Brown, of The Dukes of Sports, and Tom Dillon of Dillon Chevrolet; camera operators Greg Greuling, Dave Sherman, and Sam Pyfrom; and switcher operator Tom LaChance.  Extra special shout-outs go to photographer Heather Abbott and Simeon Paresky, who showed up to help at the last minute, as well as the Greenfield Department of Public Works (DPW) for placing traffic cones on the street side of our setup to ensure our safety.

You can check out more pictures here.  You'll notice how beautiful it was before the parade started and then watch as the sky gets darker, and the ground wetter, as the celebration proceeds.  Our man-in-the-street camera, run by the indomitable Sam, had to be covered with a rain poncho and Simeon reacted very quickly as he held an umbrella over our still photographer's head to keep her camera dry.  The best moment of the afternoon occured when a parade participant covered Sam and his camera with silly string.  Thankfully both our photographers were standing right there and one managed to capture the moment.

The parade video will be online later today and it will air on Cable Channel 15 today at 4PM, tomorrow at 1:30PM, Sunday at 9PM, and Tuesday at 6:30PM.  Enjoy!

Sep 1 2017 - 1:17pm

Nine years ago, when our current new media producer started working here, all of our foreign programming (shows not produced at, or directly for, GCTV) came to us via hand-delivered or mailed DVDs. In addition, when Homegrown was syndicated and recording new live shows each Monday, we were mailing out about fifteen DVDs per week to other stations. Then, producers began discovering file sharing sites and asking if they could send us a link, so that we could download their shows instead, saving time and the expense of dealing with discs. We had to experiment a little, making sure we had enough bandwidth and could get the right file types, but what began as a trickle has now become us downloading more than half of the programs we show that aren’t produced using our facilities or equipment. We even had to install a separate internet line dedicated to downloading. In addition, we have the capacity to make our local shows available for download by other stations, through the Mass Media Exchange website powered by Telvue Connect. It’s really nice when technology upgrades make one’s life easier!