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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Sep 2 2016 - 1:28pm

In order to bring you a better Franklin County Fair Parade Live Broadcast next Thursday, and to save wear and tear on our staff, we are collaborating with the town and The Arts Block.  We want to publicly express our gratitude to both entities as their contributions should save us a lot of time and stress during our setup process.

The Town of Greenfield's new municipal internet service provider (ISP) is working with us to see if we can stream the fair parade, and future live broadcasts from other locations in town, through their GreenLight network.  The biggest positive impact this would have is not having to run hundreds of feet of cable from our switcher to a cable drop, which in turn means no chance of damaged cables or cords being disconnected.  The Arts Block is helping out in a similar manner by allowing us to use their power instead of having to connect to a town supply further down the street.

We'll let you know, in a future blog post, how all of this all works out so stay tuned!

Aug 26 2016 - 8:59am

In just one week you’ll be able to visit with artists selected to participate in this year’s Greenfield Local Cultural Council (GLCC) juried art show, enjoy their work, and indulge in some light refreshments. As we kick off hosting the Changing exhibit, which will hang on the walls of our first floor space through the end of December, you can find out what inspired these creatives and how they put together their pieces. In total, nine artists were accepted into the show with eleven works in the painting, pencil drawing, mixed media, and digital print mediums. Some interpreted change literally, with works showing the passage of seasons, others want the audience to think about themes of climate change, technology, evolution, and perception. Come experience it all and, as a bonus, find out how you might benefit from the services of the GLCC as they open their new grant cycle.  Details about the event can be found here.

Aug 19 2016 - 1:45pm

Here is some new content to keep an eye out for on Cable Channel 15,, and

Valley Talent Showcase August 2016 Edition---Music by Claire Dacey, No Eyed Dog, The Tinkers, Opel, Humble Digs, and Malado.

A panel on social and racial justice in agriculture from this year's Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) summer conference.  To whet your appetite, watch our interview with one of the presenters, Leah Penniman.

Two conversations with New Salem Planning Board Member Sarah Kohler, about forest protection, that were part of The Singing Wilderness & Eco Beat Hour radio show.

A new episode of Healthbeat from Baystate Franklin Medical Center, for September, focusing on veins and sports medicine.


Aug 12 2016 - 7:59am

We don’t have too much to say this week, as we are busy getting ready for all of the events we’ll be covering during the next few months. Massachusetts Primary Elections are less than one month away and they will take place on the same day as this year’s Franklin County Fair Parade. Before that, we’ll film the MA Department of Public Utilities (DPU) hearing on Berkshire Gas’ supply plan on the 30th of this month. If you attend the Franklin County Fair’s Got Talent competition, you’ll see us there, as well as at the Greenfield Rag Shag parade and Greenfield High School versus Turners Falls High School Thanksgiving Day Football Game. Of course, we’ll also bring you all of Greenfield’s results from the state and presidential elections in November. We realize it may be hard to think about the fall when it’s so hot out but the more preparations we make now, the better our coverage will be for you to watch when the time comes. That’s it for this week, we need to go organize stuff for the Greenfield Local Cultural Council’s 4th annual juried art exhibition that will be on display here from September through December!

Aug 5 2016 - 1:20pm

We were home to Local Bias Producer Drew Hutchison's second Summer 2016 Film Camp this week and it was a lot of fun to watch him help three teenagers make a short horror movie.  They used our studio and various locations around town, with Drew teaching them about all aspects of production along the way.

Here he is in our studio explaining camera shots to one of the campers:

The other two the campers as talkshow host and guest:

In the control room and in charge of the production:

The boys even edited the film themselves:

They learned a lot and it was evident that they had a great time.  Keep an eye out for their work on Cable Channel 15 in the coming weeks.

Jul 29 2016 - 1:55pm

“Overwhelming support for GCTV” was a phrase used multiple times at last night’s Greenfield Cable Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting so we want to give a big thank you to everyone who filled out the survey and/or sent in positive comments about us. Not only does it make us feel really good to hear how valued what we do for the community is but, since our funding level is determined through this process, all of your feedback will help us to grow and continue providing many ways for local people to make their voices heard. If you want to watch last night’s meeting for yourself, we’ll be putting it online later this afternoon.

On another note, if you watch ABC’s 20/20 tonight, you might see some footage that originally aired on our channel. A couple of years ago, the New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT) held a fundraiser to help Greenfield resident Mary Rose attend the out of state trial of the man accused of killing her daughter.  Unity in the Pioneer Valley Church Service producer Amanda Smith was on hand to film that event and, early this week, we received an email from 20/20 asking for permission to use some of her video. We connected them with Ms. Smith and supplied a copy of the film for them to use.

Jul 22 2016 - 5:28pm

If you are a regular website visitor, or follow us on social media, you may already know that Greenfield is renegotiating its cable service contract with Comcast.  What you may not know is that the amount of money Comcast has to set aside for us over the next ten years, from revenues they generate in town, is determined during this process.

We work very hard to train anyone who comes into our facility wanting to make their voice heard by producing a television show, shine a spotlight on local government by airing meetings live on TV and online, expand the public's access to technology, and maintain an archive of interesting, entertaining, and informative programming.  Because we have plans to upgrade our facilities, increase the amount of government meetings we cover, update our website, expand our 360 degree video offerings, and make a larger variety of content available, we've asked for an increase in our funding and need to demonstrate public support for it.

If you appreciate all that we do to connect our community, please fill out the Greenfield Cable Advisory Committee's (CAC) short survey here (it really only takes a couple of minutes!) or email them directly.  Just a sentence or two along the lines of "GCTV is great! Fund them." is all it takes and the more positive comments that are registered, the more money we should receive.

The deadline for providing feedback to the CAC is next Thursday, July 28th.  When you are commenting, please limit your responses to Comcast's TV service only, as internet and phone aren't part of this contract.  It is fine to praise our online presence and streamed offerings, however, because they are part of what GCTV provides.  Also, please note that there is actually only one question on the survey that is about us, the last one, but there is a comment box after it where you can leave your glowing review of what we provide to the community.  Thank you so much for supporting your local television station!

Jul 15 2016 - 1:14pm

Today, we thought we’d let you know about some of the shows you’ll be able to watch on Cable Channel 15 in the coming weeks because several of our producers have projects in the works that we expect to be finished shortly.  For instance, Mik Muller has been using our editing computers a lot to work on some recent performances by local band Bella’s Bartok. The first one, “Live at Lefty’s Fest”, has already aired but more will follow.  We’ve also had staffers from Community Action in here for many hours as they near completion of informational programming about the services their organization offers.  Finally, GCC student and actor Alex DeMelo just filmed two interviews in our studio and, as we write this, Living Waters producer Joe Morton is adding graphics to footage he taped of this year’s July 4th reading of the Declaration of Independence on the town common.  These are just some of the reasons we suggest you continue to tune in to GCTV so you can be entertained and informed.

Jul 8 2016 - 1:14pm

We are proud to announce that in addition to having Spanish language programming on our station, in the form of Luz en las Tinieblas, services from the Korean Zion Church of Amherst have joined our lineup. The group’s pastor lives in Greenfield and stopped by a few weeks ago to find out how to get his organization’s message out to more people. We were more than happy to explain how we work and loan him the equipment he needed. You can watch the resulting series, on Cable Channel 15, on Sundays at 6AM and 1PM and again on Fridays at 7AM. If you have a non-English language program that you’d like us to air, please call us at (413) 774-4288 or email

Jul 1 2016 - 8:59am

We know this is the start of a long holiday weekend, and many of you are probably headed off for vacation or bbq & fireworks, so we won’t take long. We just want to wish all of you a safe and happy Fourth of July! Also, if you’re going to be in town, we encourage you to enjoy all of the music and fireworks happening at Beacon Field tomorrow (July 2nd), from 4PM to 10:30PM, thanks to the efforts of the Greenfield Recreation Department. No matter what you do to celebrate, have fun and check back here next week for another post.