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Friday, August 03 2018

C is for Cookie

This week's blog post comes from GCTV Executive Director Oscar Lanza-Galindo:

Cookies...galletas...biscuits...жигнэмэг...คุกกี้...whichever language you use, we are talking cookies this week. That's because our communication coordinator, Alicia, asked the staff to share about our favorite cookies. Share we did...and often: Thin Mints, Tag-a-longs, shortbread, black & white, the original NYC Chipwich, chocolate chip, and raw cookie dough - we say it counts. And we have to give a special shout out to one of our WMCB DJs, Damee of Nerd Radio, for (without any prompting from us) bringing cookies into our office, on Wednesday, to share with everyone. Talk about a serendipitous turn of events!

Why cookies...? Because Alicia and and our intern, Ben, were hard at work filming a promo video for our celebration of National Tell A Joke Day and the script called for cookies. Sidenote: I like to make sure that our props are as authentic as if we have calls for volunteers where there is food involved...yeah, just going to leave that thought out there.

So remember...if you like cookies AND you like telling jokes, we can work out a deal. Stop by the GCTV office, 393 Main Street, on the first floor, during one of our two recording sessions. Share a joke, get a cookie (or two). We will be filming your amazing jokes on Friday, August 10th, from 5-6PM, and Monday, August 13th, from 6-7PM. You don't need to stay for the entire hour, either time, so come on by whenever you are ready.

Have a wonderful week.