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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Wider World of Diversity --- Somewhere in the Middle?

Episode #4 --- Recorded December 14, 2015

Politics are really heating up, especially when it comes to the polarized views between right-wing Christian Americans and left-wing multi-culturalist Americans about what is happening with ISIL.  In tonight's episode, host EddySue Russell speaks to an average Greenfield resident who shares a different view.  EddySue hopes this controversial show will inspire people into sensibility and action because there are some dangerous ideas out there.

Wider World of Diversity --- Beyond the Horizon

Episode #3 --- Recorded July 2015

There's been rumbling lately in the Greenfield community about the lack of diversity, especially racial, in the Greenfield school system.  Across our nation, the brutality with which police profile, detain, and kill innocent Black Americans, and the growing xenophobic scourge that is plaguing this country, is horrific. The trickle down effect of the loss of freedom and civil rights for certain groups of people means none of us is free.

Mass Slavery Apology Presents --- Brother NorthStar

There is an obvious breakdown of "race relations" in our country that needs fixing. Take a trip with us down the history of racism in the USA and how we can fix it. Brother NorthStar is a poet, master of spoken word, and sojourner of truth.

Wider World of Diversity --- The Collectors

Episode #2 --- Recorded May 2015

Collecting things is not just about hoarding stuff, collecting is of great historical value. Join us as we follow one of Greenfield's top collectors as he shows us his vintage bike collection and bits and bobs.  We start this episode with some of the producer's favorite train and sunset footage shot over their garden fence.

Wider World of Diversity --- Transgender Discussion

Episode #1 --- Recorded April 1, 2015

Check out the newest show to join our lineup! It's dedicated to helping end prejudice and stereotyping within the Pioneer Valley by having guests share their backgrounds and cultures with each other and the audience.  The series begins with experiences from the transgender community.

Hooray for Local Bias!

We think Drew Hutchison and his team are doing really well.  The last two guests on “Local Bias”, Al Norman & Doug Wight, had “My Turn” columns published in The Recorder, coinciding with the airing of their shows.  Today, Chris Collins revealed in his regular feature that Scott Cote will be in our studio this afternoon to tape the next episode, which will begin airing on Wednesday at 5:30pm on Cable Channel 15.  Kudos to everyone at “Local Bias” for putting out a quality product; snagging high profile, intelligent, articul

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