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Wednesday, December 31 1969


State Treasurer Appoints New MSBA Director

From a press release from State Treasurer Steven Grossman's Office:

Treasurer Steven Grossman has named Jack McCarthy as Executive Director of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), appointing a seasoned senior manager to the agency that helps fund capital improvement projects for the Commonwealth’s public schools.  McCarthy had served as interim Executive Director of the MSBA since December of 2011.

Locals Provide A Chance to Bee Helpful

From a Piti Theatre Company Press release:

It's winter and honeybees and other pollinators are busy trying to survive. As you may have heard, winged workers are having a tough time these days. Ecologically, the plight of the bee is profoundly connected with a multitude of important environmental issues - how we grow our food, pesticide use, development, monoculture and GMO crops, etc., etc.

Keeping You Informed

We really appreciate that recently more people have been recognizing us as an important resource, documenting Greenfield's Town Council and School Committee Meetings.  In addition to broadcasting them live on Cable Channel 15, we keep three months worth of meetings in the "Local Government" category of our Video on Demand Player, at all times, so that you can see firsthand what goes on.   We also like to remind folks that these meetings are are open to the public---town council meetings take place in our studio, usually on the third We

"Careers in Politics" Workshop Coming December 3rd

From a press release by the office of State Representative Denise Andrews:

Saturday, December 3, 2011 is the date for an educational workshop focused on career opportunities for those who feel the pull toward an exciting career in political public service.  Whether your interests lie in elected public office, support of those in public office or perhaps a career dedicated to the art of effective campaigning; all are honorable pursuits and goals needed in these challenging times, and very rewarding paths if chosen.