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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Remembering Sacco & Vanzetti

Philippe Simon
August 24, 2016

Learn why an early 20th century execution still has ramifications today.  Art credit:  Ben Shahn.

Brief Blurb About Today's Election

We thought you might be interested in the fact that, in addition to voter turnout being a respectable (we think it should always be 100% but we recognize the reality that it's usually between 10-15%) 23% as of 2PM today, officials in the know are excited that so many people are turning out to vote.  One pointed out that these kinds of numbers are usually only seen during a presidential election.  Also, when our executive director went to cast his ballot, he had to wait in a line for his precinct for the first time.  Way to go Greenfield!  Let's keep it up and blow previo