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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Wider World of Diversity --- Somewhere in the Middle?

Episode #4 --- Recorded December 14, 2015

Politics are really heating up, especially when it comes to the polarized views between right-wing Christian Americans and left-wing multi-culturalist Americans about what is happening with ISIL.  In tonight's episode, host EddySue Russell speaks to an average Greenfield resident who shares a different view.  EddySue hopes this controversial show will inspire people into sensibility and action because there are some dangerous ideas out there.

Vigil Voices

July 25, 2014

Meet some of the people who gather on our town common every Saturday morning as visible agents for peace.

Standing Against Racism

July 10, 2014

We talked to some of the participants in this years Stand Against Racism event at UMass.

Franklin County's First Peoples

History, Heritage, & Current Events

A talk by Joe Graveline, president of the Nolumbeka Project, that was part of the Conversations on Racial Justice series sponsored by Mass Slavery Apology.  It was held on April 5, 2014.

Singing Down the Pipeline

May 19, 2014

When people gathered on our town common, to protest against a proposed gas pipeline in Franklin County, songs and stories were shared as community was built.

2014 Commemoration of the Great Falls Massacre

Adapted from a Nolumbeka Project press release:

Join the Nolumbeka Project at the Great Falls Discovery Center on Sunday, May 18th, from 11AM to 3PM, for the annual commemoration of the infamous Great Falls Massacre that took place on May 19, 1676.  The program will include a ceremony, video presentation, and conversation.

Law Day 2014

April 10, 2014

At today's conference, Greenfield Community College students, local officials, and the general public learned about online privacy, identity theft, and cyberbullying

Women in a Men's World, Part 5

March 31, 2014

To conclude our Women's History Month series of profiles, of local women succeeding in male-dominated fields, we introduce you to the only female owner of a radio station in Massachusetts.