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Wednesday, December 31 1969


Democracy Here --- Episode 7

Recorded April 14, 2018

Speeches and interviews from this spring's Tax Rally on the town common, as well as music and poetry provided by Annie Hassett (not pictured).


Agent Orange Town Hall Meeting for Vietnam Veterans

Recorded April 22, 2017

This full presentation contains important information to help veterans & their families understand, and deal with, the long-term effects of having been exposed to Agent Orange.

Other Videos: 

Coming Home

Philippe Simon
November 11, 2016

Local veterans talk about the issues that servicemen & women face as they reenter civilian life.

Main Street Museum

June 29, 2016

The Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans Services Office has created a small museum to honor the history of Greenfield's veterans.

Wider World of Diversity --- Somewhere in the Middle?

Episode #4 --- Recorded December 14, 2015

Politics are really heating up, especially when it comes to the polarized views between right-wing Christian Americans and left-wing multi-culturalist Americans about what is happening with ISIL.  In tonight's episode, host EddySue Russell speaks to an average Greenfield resident who shares a different view.  EddySue hopes this controversial show will inspire people into sensibility and action because there are some dangerous ideas out there.

Commemorating 400

November 20, 2015

After addressing this morning's chamber of commerce breakfast, the executive director of Plymouth 400, Inc. spoke with us about this anniversary of the Pilgrims arriving in Massachusetts.  (image credit: Sheila Fey, Plymouth 400)

"Understanding the Gaza Crisis" Event Wednesday

Adapted from an Odyssey Bookshop press release:

A presentation and Q & A with Phyllis Bennis, author, activist, and fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), followed by an Arabic musical performance by Simon Shaheen, an internationally acclaimed virtuoso on the oud and violin will take place on Wednesday, August 13th, at 7pm, at the Odyssey Bookshop (9 College Street) in South Hadley.  Ticket sales and a portion of book sales will be donated to the Middle East Children’s Alliance, a nonprofit humanitarian aid organization.  Additional donations will also be welcome.