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Friday, July 07 2017

Changes Afoot

We’re shaking things up here and we’ll tell you about some of what’s going on in this post. The most relevant fact is that New Media Producer Alicia, the person responsible for most aspects of our online presence (including this blog) has taken on the task of scheduling all of our programming on Cable Channel 15. That’s why there was no blog update last week; she was trained for the job on Thursday and then spent all of Friday working on our new schedule.

In fact, it took quite a while for her to organize everything, and make necessary corrections, but she met this morning's deadline of handing off the finished project to Fundraising Associate Philippe, who is now going to be putting everything into our broadcast server. In other words, he’s taken over responsibility for making sure that whatever is supposed to air actually will. It’s been a little hectic, as we all adjust to our new duties, but we’re still bringing you lots of interesting local programming so be sure to tune in!