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Friday, March 31 2017

An Eventful Week

In addition to their regular duties these last few days, our staff members dealt with a power failure in the WMCB live radio studio, helped the Greenfield Kiwanis Club prepare for its telethon in May, and covered a variety of special events in town.

The week began well, with several new producers coming in to edit recently filmed programs and Bobby C. doing a great phone interview with former pro-baseball player Peter Bergeron, but quickly took a turn on Tuesday afternoon.  Around 3PM, the host of Let it Rip, Reba Rasbury, called out that something had gone horribly wrong with our community radio station and she didn't think we were on the air anymore.  When our executive director entered the room, he discovered that the automation computer had died and he tried to troubleshoot the problem.  After bypassing that piece of equipment and getting Reba back on the air, our executive director juggled diagnosing and fixing the situation with getting ready for our board meeting that night.  Eventually, he discovered that the computer's power supply had died and he was able to replace it.

Wednesday was happier, as we welcomed local Kiwanis members who, incidentally, brought us pizza!  We will be broadcasting their annual telethon live from our TV studio on Wednesday, May 3rd, and Thursday, May 4th, but they have to do a lot of organization in advance.  At this point, they were here using our computers to set up a spreadsheet that will keep track of all of the donated items up for bid on those nights.

While one of our staffers was here assisting the Kiwanis, our news director was out recording the Complete Streets planning meeting and you'll be able to watch that soon on Cable Channel 15, in addition to here on our website.  You'll also be able to watch yesterday's Cable Advisory Committee meeting and last night's NELCWIT Power of Women Celebration. Finally, don't forget to check our homepage later today to watch this afternoon's "How Healthy is Franklin County and the North Quabbin?" presentation, featuring 2016 County Health Rankings data and publication of the region’s first Coordinated Health Improvement Plan.