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Friday, January 26 2018

Fixes & Fun

As promised, this week, we're going to share some pictures from our Idea Wall with you but, before we do that, we have a couple of housekeeping notes.  There have been two bugs in the code for our website that have been troubling us for years and our developers have been unable to fix them.   Thankfully, our recent switch to Gmail for our email hosting seems to have corrected the issue with our contact form and you can now use it to send us messages directly from this site.  In addition, you can once again move forward week by week in our TV Schedule.  We don't know how that got fixed but we're glad it did!

Now, onto the creative stuff!  We've found a new use for our community whiteboard, as a weekly events calendar.

What you see on the left is a brief synopsis of each day's events for the coming week, including some inspirational drawings to remind us what some of them are.  You can probably tell from the drawings that we're really excited it's almost time to film Winter Carnival.  Incidentally, it was our executive director who drew the pictures of the ice carving, snowman, and cardboard sleds crossing the finish line.

In addition, we're still asking questions to get to know our staff, volunteers, DJs, producers, and the public.  This week's started much quoting and brought back lots of fond memories.  Here's a closer shot of that side of the board:

That's it for this week.  Check back next Friday for more!