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Friday, January 11 2019

Getting Our Creative Juices Flowing

Instead of talking about New Year's resolutions, we decided to let people fantasize on our Idea Wall this week.  We asked the question, "If you could make any TV/radio show, what would it be about?"  We hoped this would give folks a chance to think outside the box and here are the answers we received:

The entry that sparked the most discussion is the one that now reads "animated workplace comedy about henchpeople".  It went through several iterations on the board, starting out as simply "animated comedies" and at one point becoming "animated comedies about henchmen".  Our communication coordinator especially appreciated the enlightened change to non-gender specific language.  Furthermore, the short dialogue you see there, "(Minions?) NO!!!", is the result of one of our producers/DJs suggesting another non-gendered word which, unfortunately for this project, now has a connotation of cuteness thanks to the Despicable Me movies.  The person whose fantasy show it is, however, was thinking much more along the lines of the bad guy underlings in FXX's Archer or NBC's Powerless.

If you're feeling like you missed out on all the fun, don't worry.  You too can play this game, and even make a real TV show.  If you have an idea that you're looking to bring to life, stop by or give us a call.  We can provide you with training and equipment to help realize your vision.  That's it for this week.  Until next time, dream big!