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Friday, November 02 2018

Halloween Was So Much Fun!

Okay, we realize that it's now November but we just couldn't finish out the week without sharing about some amazing experiences we had on Wednesday.  First of all, we estimate that more than 200 children stopped by our lobby to get candy from a chemist (Executive Director Oscar Lanza Galindo) and an astronaut (Oscar's daughter, Chel).

Usually, we have lots of candy left over but not this year.  We do have a little, however, so feel free to grab a piece, or two, if you come down to edit, pick up equipment, or say, "Hi!"  Just make sure you come down soon because it won't last!

On the other hand, some things that will be around for a while are our pictures from the festivities.  If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to check out our Rag Shag 2018 Photo Album.  The image below may be our favorite because it was probably the most creative and original group costume we saw:

The participants are dressed as sayings; "Holy Cow!", "Oh Dear!", and "When Pigs Fly!"  Have we mentioned before that our staff really loves puns?

Actually, writing about humor reminds us that we need to tell you about what we thought was the funniest part of the day.  If you've been to our offices recently, you know that we've set up chairs around the outside of the lobby so that they can be quickly and easily arranged for special events and meetings.  Unfortunately, that sometimes gives the impression that it's a waiting room.  Further, the way our space goes back in a rectangle, with doors to offices lining one wall, can make it seem like a medical facility.  Those things, along with the fact that Oscar was wearing a lab coat and Communication Coordinator Alicia Brody was dressed as a nurse, caused a number of parents to comment that they thought we were a dentist's office and many jokes ensued about drumming up business by giving out candy.

Though Oscar and Alicia had not coordinated their costumes, Alicia (center) and our fantastic Rag Shag Parade coverage co-host, Greenfield School Committee Chair Adrienne Nunez (right), had.

Adrienne really wanted to be a surgeon this year and she was so excited about Alicia teaming up with her that she brought along an extra surgical hairnet and booties for Alicia to wear.  All of this inspired us to think about doing a whole staff group costume next year and we were so tickled by the dentist misidentification that it will probably be Little Shop of Horrors.

As you can see, we had a very happy Halloween and we hope that you did too.  Next up, Election 2018!