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Friday, June 02 2017

Helping Producers Realize Their Vision

That is the essence of what we do here and, this week, we had the opportunity to work with a variety of folks to bring their programs to air.  After recording the Greenfield School Committee Meeting & the Greenfield Town Council Meeting on Tuesday night, we spent Wednesday teaching comedian Susan Cummings how to edit a three minute clip for her website.  Another of our producers had filmed Susan's recent performance at the Greenfield Senior Center and Susan was pleasantly surprised when she called us, to find out about getting a copy, and we informed her that we could show her how to get the result she wanted, without her having to pay someone to do it.

On Thursday, musician & multi-talented human being Toney Marcus continued his video education as he worked on the fifth show in his brand new variety series, Greenfield After Dark with Toney Marcus.  The program airs on Fridays at 7PM and Saturdays at 11PM and the first two episodes are available to watch online now here and here.  Toney's intention is for the show to always be filmed in front of a live audience, as a fundraiser for Relay for Life.

In addition to Toney, one of our youngest producers was in on Thursday.  Lilly has been coming into GCTV for years, accompanying her mother, who has put together programs for both GCTV & WMCB, and occasionally recording interviews with friends.  Now she's decided that she wants to learn to edit and our news director got a chance to show her how.  We can't wait to see what she decides to do with her new skill!

In other news, our staff was busy this morning filming the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) breakfast, a bike safety class given by Alden Booth (of The People's Pint) to Greenfield seventh graders, and interviews and b-roll for a story about the Chickley River.  This evening, our executive director will record the Greenfield High School Graduation Ceremony and he intends to turn it around quickly.  Make sure to keep watching Cable Channel 15, and checking our homepage, for all of this new content and more!