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Friday, January 23 2015

Honoring a Legacy

This week we were gratified to be able to spend some time exploring social justice issues and the Black Lives Matter movement in recognition of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life's work.  All five of the videos featured on our homepage this week were put together by staffer Philippe Simon.  Here's what he had to say about the series: 

"I have always opposed racism. As a child, I was involved in Boston’s school desegregation movement and many anti-racism activities. Over the years, I’ve watched America grow up in many ways, and seen people cast off their discomfort living among other cultures, but I’ve also seen racism rear its ugly head and manifest itself institutionally. This sapped my hope of seeing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream come to fruition. Creating these pieces for GCTV, however, brought about a complete reinvigoration of my conviction to make fighting racism a focus in my life. I met group after group, individual after individual, who had turned to activism and developed a revolutionary outlook on how they relate to the overall struggle as well as to their own. In some cases, I met people who were victims themselves but became fully engaged with activist groups as a means to regain their hope and fight their cause. I discovered that western Massachusetts has extensive resources for learning how to confront and eliminate racism, geared for youth as well as adults, and that there are many people who are willing to make a stand. I also saw people of all colors come together through struggle, facing similar problems, and discover how effective they could be through a united presence. I hope you enjoy these stories and come away with the same renewed conviction and sense of hope that I did."

If you missed any, or all, of Philippe's series, check it out here.