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Friday, April 20 2018

If We Host It, Will You Come?

This week's blog post comes from GCTV Executive Director Oscar Lanza-Galindo:

Don't let the weather fool you, Earth Day is this Sunday and that's a true sign that we're in spring.  Here at GCTV and WMCB, we are active consumers and users of electronic equipment and we are mindful of our e-waste impact.

According to the "Global E-Waste Monitor 2017", in 2016 there were about 44.7 metric tons of e-waste generated, which is the equivalent of 4,500 Eiffel Towers.  In the United States alone, we produced 6.3 metric tons of that, roughly more than 600 Eiffel Towers.  Yet, in the U.S., we only collected 1.4 metric tons of e-waste; that's just around 22% of what we generate.  The federal government leaves it up to states to regulate e-waste, and Massachusetts is 1 of 15 states without legislation covering e-waste management.

So...this isn't meant to be a downer but an opportunity for our community to be active in how we address e-waste.  Our staff is already thinking of items we want to recycle, and we want to extend that opportunity to you, for free.

If we were to hold a recycling event, would you help?  Would you bring your e-waste to have it responsibly recycled?  You can let us know by filling out this survey (it takes less than 2 minutes):

It's the smallest actions that often yield the most incredible impact and we believe we can make an impact on more than 1 day a year.  Won't you help?