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Friday, March 30 2018

Inspiring the Future

This week's blog post comes from GCTV Executive Director Oscar Lanza-Galindo:

I sincerely enjoy the creativity and energy that staff, producers, DJs, and volunteers bring to us every week.  GCTV and WMCB are fortunate to have such a passionate group of participants, and some of them have expressed an interest in identifying ways to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of #CommunityMedia creators and innovators.

Because of that passion for teaching, and the desire to give the next generation an opportunity to step up to the mic (pun totally intended), we decided to evaluate ourselves on how we serve, or don't, our community's teenage population.  Upon reflection, we felt that we weren't meeting the needs of local youth and we began taking steps to change that.

This winter, we brought in a high school intern and volunteer, Ben, who is helping us start an internship program and series of special events that address the creative needs of his peers.  Thanks to him, we're now in the process of organizing a gathering in early May, to demonstrate what goes into producing a show.  We'll be collaborating with the Greenfield Public Library, our very much appreciated partners in community building, on this event and additional information will be coming out soon. One detail we can share now is that there will be pizza and soft drinks. #FreeFoodMakesEventsHappen  We'll share more in future blog posts, so stay tuned!