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Friday, October 27 2017

Looking Forward to Halloween

Dedicated readers of this blog will know that our new media producer's favorite holiday is right around the corner and that it's a big day for our station.  In order to cover it well, we will be closing the office at 4:30PM on Tuesday, October 31st, and sending our staff over to Greenfield's Energy Park for this year's Rag Shag Parade.  Our program hosts, Dukes of Sports Russ Brown and GCTV New Media Producer Alicia Brody, have been working on their paired costumes for weeks and can't wait to show them off.  You may also see Alicia running around downtown taking pictures, in costume, earlier in the afternoon so feel free to say, "Hi!"  In addition, this event may enable you to greet Oscar Lanza-Galindo, our new executive director, because he'll be up on stage with the awesome Greenfield Recreation Department staff, taking pictures of costume contest winners.

Once the fun has ended, Alicia and Fundraising Associate Philippe Simon will race back to the office to share it all with you.  Since we can't broadcast or stream the parade live, Philippe will turn it around for airing on Cable Channel 15 at 8:30PM that night and Alicia will post pictures of the winning costumes on our homepage.  The full event should be available to watch on our website Wednesday afternoon or evening.  We hope you all have a really happy Halloween, enjoy our coverage of the day, and don't eat too much candy!