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Friday, March 17 2017

Many Municipal Meetings

Whew!  This was quite a week for us filming Greenfield government meetings!  At a special meeting in our studio on Monday night, the Greenfield School Committee concluded its discussion, begun at its regular meeting last week, about Superintendent Harper's proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget.  Meanwhile, we had a camera rolling down at 114 Main Street for this month's Greenfield Human Rights Commission Meeting.

Then, after cleaning up from Tuesday's snowstorm, we turned right around and hosted a mini meeting marathon on Wednesday night; beginning with the Greenfield Ways & Means Committee 2018 Capital Budget Meeting, at 5PM, followed by a regular Ways & Means committee meeting. Then we welcomed a more than capacity crowd for the full Greenfield Town Council Meeting at 7PM.  It was all hands on deck as we took the overflow of people downstairs to watch the meeting in our lobby.  Once the event actually began, we had to coordinate to make sure that everyone who wanted to address the council had the opportunity to do so, no matter where in the building they were watching from.

Thankfully, there weren't any meetings scheduled for Thursday or Friday but we did have to do all of our followup.  We were able to get three of the meetings online yesterday, and the other two have now joined them, so you can watch them whenever you want by clicking on the links above.  If you prefer to watch them on Cable Channel 15, please check our schedule for airing times.