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Friday, August 17 2018

Meet Our Supreme Overlord

If you watched our National Tell a Joke Day video yesterday, you may have noticed the end credit "Produced by Supreme Overlord Oscar Lanza-Galindo" and, since today is Funny Friday, we thought perhaps we should explain.  Our boss is so evil, his laugh is, "Mwah, hah, hah, hah!"  Our boss is so evil, his twin brother is Lex Luthor.  Our boss is so evil...wait, just kidding. 

Seriously, even though our boss is really great, we do have a running joke in the office involving the hashtag, "#BadBoss".   This is because Oscar keeps doing cool stuff for his minions, uh we mean the staff, and then is unable to appreciate our bootlicking gratitude.  Whenever one of us refers to him as an #awesomeboss, it seems to inspire in him an equal and opposite reaction.  Of course, his response to being called on this was, “You can’t blame me, it’s physics!”

We're also a bit suspicious of him when it comes to employee motivation.  He is constantly bringing in top shelf cookies, doughnuts, and pizza, with which to tempt us out of our healthy eating patterns, and he consumes copious amounts of caffeine, a trait which he is happy to encourage in the rest of us as well.

Finally, we should point out that Oscar mentions his Four Generation Plan for World Domination quite often.  To sum up, as evil overlords go, he's no Darth Vader but he's ours.

Check back next Friday for another blog post, or else!