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Friday, December 30 2011

Locals Provide A Chance to Bee Helpful

From a Piti Theatre Company Press release:

It's winter and honeybees and other pollinators are busy trying to survive. As you may have heard, winged workers are having a tough time these days. Ecologically, the plight of the bee is profoundly connected with a multitude of important environmental issues - how we grow our food, pesticide use, development, monoculture and GMO crops, etc., etc.

We are very excited to be developing a new performance in response to the honeybee's plight and in celebration of their important work called "To Bee or Not to Bee". The show includes a grassroots campaign called "10% For the Bees" which will provide schools and audiences with tools (and bee garden seeds) to help bees in their community.

Support for the development of the show has been coming from business sponsors and foundations like The Art Angels and The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. Now we need a groundswell of individual donations, no matter what the size, to complete the performance and complete an initial tour to a growing list of venues who may or may not have an arts budget.

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