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Thursday, November 03 2011

Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program Runs Through November 7

From a Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Press Release:

Approximately $400,000 remain available for rebates; Unclaimed funds after program ends will benefit ReBuild Western Massachusetts programs

Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Commissioner Mark Sylvia encouraged customers to take advantage of DOER’s energy efficient appliance rebate program before the program’s deadline of 9 p.m. on Monday, November 7.

Through November 7 or until the funds are exhausted, whichever comes first, customers can apply on, where they can find a link to eligible products and participating retailers. Once they’ve applied, they’ll be able to track the status of funds and their own rebate applications. There is also a customer service center available by calling (877) 574-1128. The customer service center is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The federal government allocated $300 million in funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 to provide rebates to eligible residential customers who purchased new ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. Each state designed and ran its own Appliance Rebate Program and the amount each customer received to replace used appliances with new energy-efficient ones varied by state.

All federal ARRA funds targeted for the Massachusetts program were exhausted during its initial weeks of the program in July and August.  Remaining funds comprise additional state dollars DOER put toward the program to ensure sufficient funding to meet demand.  DOER plans to re-purpose any funds unused after November 7 for the ReBuild Western Massachusetts program, which is helping residents of communities affected by the June 1 tornadoes rebuild using energy efficiency practices and renewable energy technologies.

“Thousands of people have taken advantage of this successful program and will be saving energy and money for years to come. Each new efficient appliance will help us to meet our collective energy efficiency goals," said DOER Commissioner Sylvia. “It is efforts like these and savings by Mass Save® customers that have moved Massachusetts into the No. 1 ranking of energy efficient states.”

Massachusetts was recently ranked first in the nation in a report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEEA) for its energy efficiency policies and programs, topping California for the first time since the ranking was published four years ago.

A follow-up to last year’s Great Appliance Exchange, the 2011 program is open to all Massachusetts households, including those served by municipal light plants. Customers who purchase a new ENERGY STAR® refrigerator and/or room air conditioner to replace an inefficient model qualify for rebates of $150 and $50, respectively. Online purchases are not eligible for the rebate. This year’s program has a new design, requiring customers to buy before they apply and providing real-time information on how much funding is available.

Customers should follow the steps below to participate:

  • Customers can confirm the real-time availability of rebate funds via the program’s website, the customer service phone line, or a registered retail location.
  • Customers purchase an eligible appliance from a registered retail location before applying for a rebate.
  • Customers outside of the tornado zone who purchase a new ENERGY STAR® room air conditioner on or after July 28 must bring in their old unit for recycling at the time of purchase, and certify on their rebate application that they have traded their old one in. This return/recycling component is waived for customers from tornado-impacted communities.
  • Customers who purchase a new ENERGY STAR® refrigerator on or after July 28 can accept delivery and have their old refrigerator removed at the same time. Those outside of the tornado zone must certify on their rebate application that their old refrigerator has been hauled away.
  • Customers fill out a rebate application online, which places a hold on the requested funds. Those who apply via the customer service center will receive their completed application in the mail. The signed application, which includes certification that a refrigerator and/or room air conditioner has been traded in, is sent with proof of purchase(s) to Helgeson Enterprises Inc. The return/recycling component is waived for customers from tornado-impacted communities.
  • Receipt and progress of the application can be tracked online or via the service center.
  • Rebate payments will be sent via U.S. mail.

In addition to this rebate, households served by the Cape Light Compact, National Grid Electric, NSTAR Electric, Unitil, and Western Massachusetts Electric Company are still eligible for an already existing $50 Mass Save rebate on their ENERGY STAR® refrigerator purchase. (This additional refrigerator rebate is available only through, not through this program.) Those served by municipal light plants (MLP) can check for any available appliance rebates with their MLP.

Please visit for additional energy efficiency services and incentives available to most Massachusetts residents through their electric or natural gas utility or energy efficiency provider.