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Tuesday, August 21 2012

Solar Farm: See for Yourself

From a Greenfield Department of Public Works press release:

Greenfield’s 2.0 MW Solar Farm has been producing electricity since 6/19/12.  Residents can now go to the town web site and view the production statistics for the facility and monitor real time generation.  Go to the Town web site .  On the main page scroll down to “Useful Links” and click on “Solar Farm Production Information.” Once at the site you will be able to see production by the day, week, month or year (lower left hand corner).  You will also see a running total of kwh produced and the environmental offsets associated with that production.

The facility, which contains 8736 solar panels and is located on the town’s closed landfill off of Wisdom Way, has generated 594,000  kwh of electricity since its 6/19/12 start date through 8/15/12.  This is enough electricity to power the Town Hall, Library, Fire Station and Police Station for a whole year.   The town will realize the benefits of the farm by being credited significant savings, approximately $235,000 per year, on its electric bills.  The developer of the project, SunEdison, bore the cost of design, permitting and construction of the project and is responsible for the operation and maintenance, including mowing, of the facility.  The only direct cost born by the town for this entire project was $4000 for independent technical and legal review of various documents.

Mayor Martin
“It is incredibly interesting to watch the real time generation taking place at the solar farm.  You can see production dip as clouds past over and see that the days are becoming shorter just by the decreased production. We hope teachers will be able to use this site as a learning tool”

Sandra Shields, DPW Director
“Because the farm went into operation in mid June we benefitted from some of the longest days of the year.  Production will wane as we enter the fall (November is statistically the most cloudy month of the year) and of course the shortest day of the year is Dec 21st.  Summer operation gives new meaning to the old saying “make hay while the sun shines””.