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Friday, January 27 2012

Greenfield Solar Farm(s) Update January 2012

From a Greenfield Department of Public Works Press Release:

The Town of Greenfield is this week releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a second solar farm, this one to be located near the town’s Millbrook well field off of Severance St.  Because of site limitations this second solar farm has a projected rating of 1.0 – 1.5 MW of electricity.  The farm currently under construction at the town’s landfill and scheduled to be operational by spring, is a 2.0 MW facility. The 6800 panels on the site will annually generate approximately 2,400,000 kW of power which will provide approximately 40% of the power used in all municipally owned buildings and streetlights.

SunEdison is the company that is developing the landfill site.  SunEdison last year bought Axio Power who was the original developer for the project.  Like the landfill project, the Millbrook project, if a suitable proposal is received,  will be at no cost to the Town.  The revenue, in the form of electrical credit, will be determined by the pricing set forth in proposals.  For Solar Farm I at the landfill, Greenfield will be paying SunEdison one cent / kW saving approximately seven cents off the supply portion of the electric bill which will net a savings of approximately $235,000 to $245,000 per year for the town.  The Millbrook site is smaller size and the developer will need to remove several trees in order to make the project viable.  There are also wetland considerations, a factor that did not play into the landfill site.   The wells currently use approximately 180,000 kW per year which means 10-15% of the power produced will be used on site.  The reminder will go into the electrical gird and the town will receive credit for that power.