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Tuesday, April 01 2014

Top 10 Reasons we Didn't do a 2014 April Fools' Video

First, our abject apologies to those fans who dedicate the first few minutes of each April Fools' Day to checking for our latest round of goofiness.  We're very sorry that we didn't put together an April Fools' video this year, but we have some really good excuses, uh, we mean reasons:

Top 10 Excuses Reasons Why we Couldn’t do an April Fools' Video this Year
10.  With alien invasion imminent, making a silly April Fools' video seemed kind of lame.
 9.  One of our producers is trapped behind the Iron Curtain without his passport.*
 8.  The cat ate our list of ideas.
 7.  Some of our volunteers are still reeling from the "Fox News" takeover of GCTV two years ago.
 6.  Another of our producers informed us that his wife has him on a strict "No April Fools' Jokes" diet.
 5.  We're still too stunned from Miley Cyrus' twerking episode to contemplate anything.
 4.  Most of our producers spent their time making thousands of aluminum foil hats to fend off the aforementioned alien invasion.
 3.  We got caught in a time warp last fall and think it's mid October.
 2.  Our staff is still getting yelled at for last year's video.
And, the number one reason we couldn't make an April Fools' video:
 1.  We were going to do it right after we joined the Procrastinators' Union.

 *True story and best legitimate excuse we got!

As usual, this was a group effort.  We would like to thank GCTV producers Tom La Chance ("Storytime with Tom & Kat"), Dave Roulston ("Franklin County Matters"), Drew Hutchison ("Local Bias"), and Russ Brown ("The Dukes of Sports") for inspiring GCTV New Media Producer Alicia Brody to put this list together.  We'd also like to thank everyone who contributed their laughter to this project. 

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