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Wednesday, December 03 2014

Greenfield CL & P Info Session Tomorrow

Adapted from a Greenfield Mayor's Office press release:

For anyone with questions about Greenfield Community Light and Power (GCL&P), there will be a public meeting this Thursday, December 4th, at Greenfield Community College's (GCC) Sloan Theater starting at 6:30PM.  All current WMECo customers in Greenfield should have received a letter explaining the program, which will offer 100% green electricity to residential and commercial utility customers at a lower price than WMECo’s 2015 electricity prices starting on January 1, 2015. Current WMECo customers will automatically be enrolled as of January, so there is no action required to participate in Greenfield Community Light and Power.

All residential and commercial electricity customers who currently receive their electricity supply from WMECo will automatically begin receiving their electricity from ConEdison Solutions starting with their January meter read dates. Savings will appear on their bills after the first meter read date following program launch, and prices will not change for the duration of the one year contract Greenfield has with ConEdison Solutions. Greenfield’s goal is for the program price, on average, to best WMECo’s Basic Service price.  Participants may opt out at any time with no penalty.

“Greenfield is one of a handful of towns in Massachusetts using municipal aggregation as a way to bring savings, renewable energy, choice, and price predictability to electricity customers,” stated Mayor William
Martin. “The Town is committed to helping all Greenfield residents and businesses manage increasing
electricity prices, and we are able to save all customers money over WMECo’s 2015 rates with electricity that is
from 100% green electricity sources.”

The electricity is composed of 78.8% from hydroelectric plants in Maine and 21.2% from a mix of clean energy sources such as solar, wind, and landfill gas, in compliance with the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS).

There is also a greener option which carries a price premium of 1.66 cents/kWh that is sourced from 20% New
England wind, 58.8% from hydroelectric plants in Maine, and 21.2% from a mix of clean energy sources such
as solar, wind, and landfill gas in compliance with the Massachusetts RPS and AEPS. The premium is due to
the fact that electricity generated from wind is more expensive than hydroelectricity.

Since WMECo purchases electricity supply in the wholesale market and sells it to customers at the company's cost, the Greenfield Light and Power program will have no impact on WMECo's finances. WMECo does not make money on supply and does not lose money when customers leave WMECo supply to join an aggregation.  WMECo has separate charges for electricity supply and electricity delivery. WMECo makes all of its money on the delivery charges, and the aggregation program does not affect those charges. WMECo will continue to provide delivery service and will continue to charge for it as before.

For those who have signed on with the Greenfield Solar Challenge, or already have solar photovoltaics (PV), your net metering credits will be the same whether you are part of Greenfield Light and Power or remain on WMECo basic service. The amount of the credit on your bill will be exactly the same in either case.

Participants who receive a low-income delivery rate through Fuel Assistance or other eligible program will continue to receive their discounted rate. Likewise, budget billing participants will continue to receive that
benefit as before.

Participation in the program will not interrupt power, billing, or customer service. The program will change only the participants’ electricity supplier. WMECo will continue to read meters, maintain distribution and transmission lines, and provide customer service. Bills will continue to come from WMECo, bill payments should continue to go to WMECo, and participants should continue to call WMECo if their power goes out. All customers will also still be eligible for MassSAVE.

Detailed program information, including answers to frequently asked questions, is available through the town’s website.