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Friday, November 21 2014

Greenfield CL & P to Beat WMECO Price Hikes

This just adapted from a Greenfield Mayor's Office press release:

Greenfield Community Light and Power (GCL&P) is set to offer 100% green electricity to residential and commercial utility customers at a lower price than WMECo’s 2015 electricity prices starting on January 1, 2015.  WMECo’s rates will increase significantly next year and Greenfield is launching the Greenfield Light & Power Program on January 1, 2015, to help residents and businesses to save money on electricity bills.  The program, which is a municipal aggregation, will bring the benefits of savings, renewable energy, choice, and price predictability to all metered WMECo electricity customers within Greenfield that are currently taking power supply from WMECO.

Mayor William Martin said, “I am excited that we are able to kick off the aggregation with such significant savings across all customer classes at a time when the electricity market is so volatile; I am even more pleased with the fact that these savings are from electricity generated with 100% green energy.  The Town is committed to helping all Greenfield residents and businesses manage increasing electricity prices, and I am pleased to be able to do this in conjunction with moving our sustainability goals forward.”

The Mayor added, “This Municipal aggregation process is another component of our overall strategy to become more independent of external forces and to create more sustainable policies and procedures for the benefit of our community. It has been over a year in the making and reflects the “yankee can do” attitude of the late 1800’s Greenfield when we had our own Power and Light company.”

Key to the program is the one-year contract Greenfield has signed with ConEdison Solutions to deliver electricity supply to all WMECo basic service customers in Town. At program launch, ConEdison’s prices will beat WMECo’s Basic Service prices by 1.065 – 9.080 cents/kWh depending on the rate class, while providing participants with 100% green energy.  Based on WMECo’s proposed 2015 rates, the average residential customer will see a $6.00 per month savings while the average small commercial customer will save over $12.00 on their monthly bill.  Since WMECo’s biggest rate increase is in the large commercial and Industrial sector, those customers can expect to save almost $3,000 per month on their bill over WMECo’s quarterly rate.

All residential and commercial electricity customers who currently receive their electricity supply from WMECo will automatically begin receiving their electricity from ConEdison starting with their January meter read dates. Savings will appear on their bills after the first meter read date following program launch, and prices will not change for the duration of the one-year contract. Greenfield’s goal is for the program price, on average, to beat WMECo’s Basic Service price.

For participants interested in furthering sustainability goals, the program also offers a Greener Option on request, which includes a higher mix of wind energy projects than the Standard Option for a small additional cost.

Participants may opt out at any time with no penalty.  All WMECo customers that are currently receiving electric supply from WMECO will receive a mailing outlining the details of the program.

Participants who receive a low-income delivery rate from WMECo will continue to receive their discounted rate. Budget billing participants will continue to receive that benefit as before.

Participation in the program will not interrupt power, billing, or customer service. The Program will change only the participants’ electricity supplier. WMECo will continue to read meters, maintain distribution and transmission lines, and provide customer service. Bills will continue to come from WMECo, bill payments should continue to go to WMECo, and participants should continue to call WMECo if their power goes out.  All customers will also still be eligible for MassSAVE.

Detailed program information, including answers to frequently asked questions will be available starting November 24th through the town’s website and a public meeting is scheduled for 6:30PM on Thursday, December 4th, at GCC’s Sloan Theater for those wishing to learn more about Greenfield Community Light & Power.