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Thursday, August 04 2016

Council President Stands Up to Hate

This just in from a Greenfield City Council press release:

To the citizens of Greenfield, from City Council President Brickett Allis:  I am very dismayed and upset at the recent attacks on members of our city council.  Greenfield is a wonderful community and it is unfortunate this type of hateful dialogue is happening here.

As a public servant, I have an even greater responsibility to speak out against discrimination and hatred where all human rights are threatened. It is up to all of us to denounce these acts of cowardice and juvenility with our kindness and our unity with those who find themselves targeted and victimized by it. There is no room in our community for acts of hate perpetrated by anyone.

As Greenfield City Council President, I stand with all members of our community to say there is no place for your act of hatred targeted at those members with whom you disagree, or find fault in, based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other attribute of any person. To those who are responsible for the acts that have been perpetrated, and all future acts of hate, hear this; we do not tolerate this behavior and we will deal with it through any and all means available to us within the justice system. The Greenfield City Council stands with our members as well as members of the community against hate and we are not deterred from diligently working to pass legislation to prevent hate in our community.

There is no room in this community for hate.