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Thursday, January 07 2016

2nd Chance to Speak Your Mind at HRC Forum

Adapted from a Greenfield Human Rights Commission (HRC) press release:

The Greenfield Human Rights Commission will continue their Community Forum on Civility, Sensitivity, Speech, & Race on Monday, January 11, 2016, at 6PM, at Greenfield Town Hall.  It is anticipated that the commission will formulate, and make formal, recommendations to the mayor, police chief, town council, and the community at large at the conclusion of this meeting.

As a reminder, the first part of this forum was held last month and represented the commission's initial response to controversy surrounding the hanging of a Confederate flag in the garage of an off-duty police officer and the resulting concerns of a neighboring family.

Issues discussed included, but were not necessarily limited to, the underlying incident, symbolism of the Confederate flag, free speech, privacy, expectations of public officials in public & private roles, race, and the interface of these issues while striving for civility & sensitivity in community relations.

Greenfield Human Rights Commission Chairman Lewis Metaxas, who moderated the forum, said prior to it, "We welcome the opportunity to have a rich and sincere discussion with members of the community. We hope, that together, we may take steps to not only resolve some of them, if possible, but also to reach a consensus on what the expectations and rights are for all of us in this community regarding these issues. Here, in Greenfield, we are not just individuals residing next to each other. We are a community and community entails that we are a civic family. Members of families that go through times of trouble talk to each other. Or they should. This will be our chance to do so."

Metaxas further said, "I can promise two things. Everyone who wants an opportunity to speak their mind and heart will have an opportunity to do so. Second, our discussion will take place in an atmosphere of respect and civility to each other."

As always, the commission invites input and opinions from all residents of Greenfield, and greater Franklin County, that may wish to participate.