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Friday, June 16 2017

Nice to Have a Full House

We've had lots of friendly faces around here this week and we really appreciate it.  Between hardworking producers putting their shows together, new organizations receiving equipment training, and folks we haven't seen in a while dropping by, the activity level in our office has been pretty high.  We also had a full complement of volunteers for our Greenfield School Committee Meeting broadcast on Wednesday night.  It's been a few months since that happened, due to the fact that some of our folks have been sick and others were in school.  The guys who helped out were good sports, even hanging around for the first half-hour of executive session because the committee informed us we would need to film a vote when they were done.

Though the summer used to be downtime for us, you won't hear us complaining about all of the things we've got going on.  We want our facilities to be used!  So, if you have some extra time over the next few months, and you have an idea for a project, stop on by.  We will be happy to help you turn your dream into a reality.