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Friday, August 26 2011

New Series in Development

Drew Hutchison, executive producer of "Local Bias" is developing a new series with Garry Earles and KC Scott called "Come to Think of It".  Recently, KC interviewed Garry Earles on his work with childhood and adolescent mental health issues.  They enjoyed the experience and have decided to team up and produce more episodes.  "I've always found Garry fascinating", said Hutchison, "he's a clinical social worker who has had to cope with his own litany of mental health conditions.  He has a lot of credibility with his clients because he knows firsthand what they are going through.  He also does exhaustive research on the subject and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table."  In this case, the table is the same one Hutchison uses for "Local Bias".  "Garry brought in KC Scott to interview him and the chemistry between them was clear from the beginning", remarked Hutchison.  "Our only issue now is figuring out a production schedule that fits our busy lives.  I think the public is going to get a real kick out of this show and they are going to learn a lot in the process."