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Friday, August 31 2018

Please Help Us!

As you know, we worked very hard last week to get rid of tons of items acquired over the years, clean, and make repairs around here. During that process, we re-discovered several cartons of Homegrown and Homegrown II CDs. Now, we’re offering you a chance to help us by taking them off our hands.

That's right!  While supplies last, you can stop by anytime we're open (Monday through Friday, 10AM to 6PM, 393 Main Street, 1st Floor) and pick up a copy, or two, or three, or more!  This is your chance to own a piece of local television history because this two disc set contains many of the best music performances done in our studio as part of our longest running program (Valley Homegrown).  We'll have a display set up in our lobby but, if you don't see it, you can always ask one of our friendly staff members about it.

We're not kidding!  The CDs, which contain songs by The Nields, Jeff Martell, Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, Ray Mason, Sonya Kitchell, and more are free, free, FREE!  If this price were any lower, we'd have to pay you!  But, seriously, these compilations were originally meant to be a fundraiser and, since we are an awesome local nonprofit, if you want to make a donation to us, while you’re here picking some up, we won't say no.  However, we really just want to make sure that the discs go to good homes instead of staying buried in our storage closet, collecting dust.  Come on down and help us out!