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Friday, July 22 2016

Please Help Us Get an Increase in Funding

If you are a regular website visitor, or follow us on social media, you may already know that Greenfield is renegotiating its cable service contract with Comcast.  What you may not know is that the amount of money Comcast has to set aside for us over the next ten years, from revenues they generate in town, is determined during this process.

We work very hard to train anyone who comes into our facility wanting to make their voice heard by producing a television show, shine a spotlight on local government by airing meetings live on TV and online, expand the public's access to technology, and maintain an archive of interesting, entertaining, and informative programming.  Because we have plans to upgrade our facilities, increase the amount of government meetings we cover, update our website, expand our 360 degree video offerings, and make a larger variety of content available, we've asked for an increase in our funding and need to demonstrate public support for it.

If you appreciate all that we do to connect our community, please fill out the Greenfield Cable Advisory Committee's (CAC) short survey here (it really only takes a couple of minutes!) or email them directly.  Just a sentence or two along the lines of "GCTV is great! Fund them." is all it takes and the more positive comments that are registered, the more money we should receive.

The deadline for providing feedback to the CAC is next Thursday, July 28th.  When you are commenting, please limit your responses to Comcast's TV service only, as internet and phone aren't part of this contract.  It is fine to praise our online presence and streamed offerings, however, because they are part of what GCTV provides.  Also, please note that there is actually only one question on the survey that is about us, the last one, but there is a comment box after it where you can leave your glowing review of what we provide to the community.  Thank you so much for supporting your local television station!