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Friday, December 01 2017


It has been a very busy week here, including Wednesday evening's 5 hour Greenfield Town Council Meeting, so we'll just provide you with a few highlights.

First, we have some new additions to our lobby, a pair of brightly colored toy donation boxes, one of which has already begun to overflow. 

We'd love to have you help with this endeavor so we'll tell you more about that in next week's blog post.

Second, getting back to this week's government meeting, our awesome new executive director provided pizza and caffeinated soda for our staff and volunteers, once he saw the meeting going later than 11PM.   This was a much needed pick-me-up in addition to a very thoughtful gesture and everyone was very grateful.

Finally, we'd like to share about some changes to our programming schedule and Video on Demand offerings.  FreeSpeech TV made changes to their lineup that affected The Stephanie Miller Show, The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, and The David Pakman Show, so we've experienced difficulties in airing those programs over the last month.  We have now straightened things out so that Stephanie Miller and David Pakman should air correctly but we will no longer be able to carry The Big Picture and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  On a positive note, relating to our Video on Demand offerings, we now be uploading government meetings to YouTube in order for the public to watch them more easily.

That's it for this week!  See you next time!