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Wednesday, December 31 1969

Locally Produced Shows

Dark Horse

Produced by Brent Eaton

Artist, and martial arts teacher, Brent Eaton creates an array of programming shown on GCTV.  "Dark Horse" invites viewers to sketch at home during the show and visit with the horses while they’re working.

"Dark Horse" airs Tuesdays at 9PM.

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Democracy Here

Produced by A. Lionel Blais

Hosted by Mary Malmros

Democracy Here presents information about the progressive political projects of Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution (FCCPR).

"Democracy Here" airs Mondays at 6AM, Tuesdays at 9:30PM, and Thursdays at 2:30PM.

Dukes of Sports

Produced by Russ Brown

Hosted by Russ Brown & Mike Cadran
Created by Randy Lively

This program is currently on hiatus but hopes to return in 2019.  Weekly sports talk show covering local, national, and international athletic contests. "The Dukes of Sports" Director, Sam Pyfrom, occasionally provides commentary on pro-wrestling.

"The Dukes of Sports" airs Mondays at 5PM & 8PM, Tuesdays at 9AM, and Saturdays at Noon.

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Eaton do Ryu

Produced by Brent Eaton

Artist, and martial arts teacher, Brent Eaton creates an array of programming shown on GCTV.  Brent describes "Eaton Do Ryu" as, "a target-based sword system for my long time students to practice at home".

"Eaton do Ryu" airs Mondays & Thursdays at 9AM.

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Encore Body Art

Produced by Brent Eaton

Artist, and martial arts teacher, Brent Eaton creates an array of programming shown on GCTV."  As one of the models for "Encore Body Art" said, “body art was more interesting than a static piece of art work...more visually interesting".

"Encore Body Art" airs Fridays at 11PM.

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Faith Baptist Church Service

Produced by Bruce Hawk

The church runs two identical Sunday morning worship services; one at 8:45AM and the second at 11AM.  The show that you see is an edited version, to fit in a one hour time slot, of one of those worship services.

The "Faith Baptist Church Service" airs Sundays at 8AM & 5PM and repeats Thursdays at 7AM.

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Franklin County Matters

Produced by Tom Roulston

Hosted by Attorney David Roulston

Interview show featuring a wide array of topics hosted by Attorney Roulston or, when the topic involves the local arts community, his brother Tom.

"Franklin County Matters" airs Mondays at 9PM, Thursdays at 8PM, and Saturdays at 6PM.

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Franklin County Varsity Sports Report

Produced by Bobby C.

Bobby C. provides you with the inside scoop on all the teams from Greenfield High School, Turners Falls High School, Pioneer Valley Regional School, Frontier Regional School, Mohawk Trail Regional High School, & Franklin County Technical School.

"Franklin County Varsity Sports Report" airs Wednesdays at 2PM, Thursdays at Noon, and Fridays at 6PM.

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Greenfield Community College Programming

Sponsored by Garry Longe, GCC Instructional Media Specialist

The Educational Technology Center at Greenfield Community College produces various educational programs for classes and documents most events that occur on campus. These programs; lectures, presentations, concerts, and performances cover a wide scope of topics of general interest to the public. Through the practice of distribution to local cable stations the community can participate in the Teaching and Learning process that is GCC’s mission.

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Greenfield Community Television Programs

Produced by GCTV

To provide the public with access to local government meetings, and Greenfield Public Schools outreach events, GCTV covers monthly Greenfield City Council and Greenfield School Committee Meetings, Greenfield Ways & Means Committee Meetings during budget season, quarterly Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) Meetings, debates during campaign season, the annual Franklin County Fair and Greenfield Rag Shag parades, the Greenfield High School Music Department's Holiday & Spring Concerts, and the Greenfield

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