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Friday, June 08 2018

Ready, Set, Action-Cam!

This week's blog post comes from GCTV Executive Director Oscar Lanza-Galindo:

It's almost summertime, which means there are plenty of outdoor activities ahead of us.  Many of them will involve people taking out cameras and cell phones to record enjoyable, funny, or thrilling moments.  But what if you want to be immersed in the action itself?

If you don't already own one, you've at the very least heard of, or seen, an action camera.  These little technical marvels let you participate in the activity you want to film.  You can attach them to helmets (safety first!), surfboards, bike handlebars, ATVs, and more.

Lots of people refer to them as GoPros but GoPro is the name of a brand and there are plenty of other alternatives, for different price points, including action cams designed for kids...yeah, I wouldn't give a little one a $400 GoPro cam if I owned one.

To give you an idea of just how much they differ, here are two links with prices and reviews:

Digital Trends:
PC Mag:,2817,2471905,00.asp

Feeling inspired to go out and do some filming while being the center of the action?  Here are a few videos to get those creative juices flowing, via the Washington Post: and the GoPro Channel  Also, don't forget to give us a call or shoot us an email if you're interested in having your video aired on GCTV.  We might even be able to help you with the editing process.

Finally, our lawyers have asked us to remind you that any links or mentioning of a product by us is not an endorsement and we do not receive any revenue for purchases associated with them.

Happy filming and editing!!!!