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Friday, September 01 2017

Technological Advancements

Nine years ago, when our current new media producer started working here, all of our foreign programming (shows not produced at, or directly for, GCTV) came to us via hand-delivered or mailed DVDs. In addition, when Homegrown was syndicated and recording new live shows each Monday, we were mailing out about fifteen DVDs per week to other stations. Then, producers began discovering file sharing sites and asking if they could send us a link, so that we could download their shows instead, saving time and the expense of dealing with discs. We had to experiment a little, making sure we had enough bandwidth and could get the right file types, but what began as a trickle has now become us downloading more than half of the programs we show that aren’t produced using our facilities or equipment. We even had to install a separate internet line dedicated to downloading. In addition, we have the capacity to make our local shows available for download by other stations, through the Mass Media Exchange website powered by Telvue Connect. It’s really nice when technology upgrades make one’s life easier!