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Friday, October 19 2018

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Witches, ghosts, and goblins!  We're sure to see a lot of these on Halloween, when we once again film the Greenfield Recreation Department's Rag Shag Parade.  Before we tell you about our preparations for that event, however, we should probably share about the Gremlins who visited us last week.

If you were curious about why there was no blog post on Friday, October 12th, wonder no more.  We must have accidentally left some food out after midnight, or not noticed that some of those torrential downpours we had were leaking into our Mogwai enclosure, because early that day our website crashed.  When our communication coordinator discovered the problem, she immediately contacted tech support to resolve it.  Unfortunately, it took a while to access the server where our site is housed and then multiple things had to be fixed.  By the time everything was back to normal, it was late afternoon and we had spent most of the day interacting with tech support and keeping the public informed about our progress.

Speaking of keeping you informed, now it's time to talk about how we’re getting ready for the main event on October 31st.  Our production coordinator, Philippe, has been organizing volunteers and double checking equipment, and we've all been figuring out our costumes.  We're sad to say that longtime co-host Russ Brown, of The Dukes of Sports, will be unable to be a part of our shoot this year because he has to work.  Never fear!  Our communication coordinator, Alicia, will be back with a special surprise co-host.  Be sure to check our social media feeds to find out who that is, as we get closer to Halloween.

In the meantime, we hope you've been enjoying our videos of previous Rag Shag Parades, which have been airing on Cable Channel 15 on Tuesdays at 6:30PM and Fridays at 4:30PM throughout the month.  In addition, on Throwback Thursdays, if you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter, you've gotten to see some of our favorite costumes from the last few years.  Both of these things will continue through the big day.  It's all part of our efforts to share the fun of Halloween all October long.

Finally, we just have to state that we can't wait to get to Energy Park and see what everyone is wearing!  Be sure to check at 8PM on October 31st to see pictures of the costume contest winners, and then tune in to Cable Channel 15 at 9PM to watch our full video!