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Wednesday, July 09 2014

Flyby News Presents --- Bart Jordan: Timesinger & Manhattan Project

Jonathan Mark of Flyby News interviewed Bart Jordan on June 25, 2014, at Baldface Books in Dover, NH.  Mr. Jordan shared about his involvement in the Manhattan Project as a child, because of his unique skills and study of ancient language.  He is mostly known now as a gifted concert classical guitarist but some people know of his single-handed recovery of early calendar art expressing the science of ancient cultures.  His work can be seen in the journals of the New England Antiquities Research Association and in Lucy Lippard's book, "Overlay".

In the field of science, Bart Jordan's expertise is in Metrology (the art of measure). He has lectured at five different departments at the University of New Hampshire, sharing his skills in mathematics, astronomy, archeology, music, literature, language, and art. Uniting such disciplines with an intuitive flare for listening, he has gained access to gifts and communications from our distant past; as Bart puts it, "Our future is in the past with no escape present."

Learn more about Bart Jordan and technologically advanced ancient civilizations here: