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Friday, August 10 2018

We Can't Stop Talking About Cookies

...and now you can see why!  Yesterday, our executive director, Oscar Lanza-Galindo, returned from his lunch break with all these essential supplies for our National Tell a Joke day tapings, which we'll remind you are taking place today and Monday.  If your favorite cookie is in the picture above, or even if it's not, come on down to our office and #TellAJokeTakeACookie.  We're really excited to hear what everyone has to share and we're hopeful for a large turnout (again, the picture is worth a thousand words).

Actually, we're pretty confident our publicity campaign has done its job because we had one person so anxious to participate that he showed up a day early!  Our staff was pleasantly surprised when a gentleman entered our office yesterday and announced that he was here to tell his joke.  We hated having to give him the bad news but he told us his joke anyway and the entire staff cracked up.  Then, since the cookies were already here, we offered him a couple, even though we couldn't get his humor on video, and encouraged him to return tonight.  Of course, then an email had to be sent around advising our staff that, not to worry, the open tray of cookies would be put in the fridge overnight.  No one would have to make the sacrifice of eating them so they wouldn't go stale.

For detailed information on our Joke Day plans, click here.  Also, we have a special blog post in the works for next Friday, so be sure to check back for even more humor.