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Friday, November 09 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

Well, the election is over but, though we are happy to be moving on, there are a few last things about it we want to share with you.  We were very pleased to see an almost 73% turnout in Greenfield on Election Day.  We would still prefer to get to 100% but it was nice to see a distinct lack of apathy this time around.

The large numbers of people voting did mean some extra time waiting for the results to be tallied, but we were still able to get the totals up here around 8:45pm.  We want to take this opportunity to shout out our wonderful Town Clerk, Maureen Winseck, and her terrific staff who work really hard all the time, but especially on election days.  They were a big help to us before the vote, sending us the information about rides to the polls, absentee ballots, and voter registration to put on our website, and they made sure we had a copy of the results as soon as they were available.  Thanks a lot folks!

The last bit of post-election news we want to share with you is that “Local Bias” producer Drew Hutchison invited Republican Issac Mass and Democrat Dan Brown into our studio on Wednesday night for a wrap-up show.  They talked about their views on many issues, both local and national, as well as the implications of the results.  You can watch it on cable channel 15 at 4pm today, or 12am Monday, and it will be online either tonight or Tuesday.

Finally, we’d like to invite you all to come down to our studio tonight and tomorrow night as part of the Double Take Fringe Festival.   We’ll be hosting Seth Lepore’s “SuperHappyMelancholyexpialidocious”, which the festival’s website describes as, “a stranger-than-fiction satire about the war on thought.  The happiness industry is turned on its head to reveal the farcical ideology of the positive thinking movement.  Think you know happiness? Think again!”  Below is a shot of our studio all set up for tonight.