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Friday, November 04 2011

What a Week!

So much has happened since last week's blog post that it may not be possible to include everything here.  In keeping with our mission to keep you informed, we'll at least hit the highlights.

Before the storm, there was the Rag Shag Parade.  A huge crowd enjoyed trick-or-treating at downtown Greenfield businesses, admired Andrew Easton's pumpkin carving technique, and participated in the recreation department's costume contest.  Not even a gas leak that was discovered and fixed a few hours prior to the event, in a pipe running under the street in front of The Arts Block, could dampen anyone's "spirits".  

The gas leak did, however, require the Department of Public works to tear up a portion of asphalt (see photo above)---causing us to change the location from which we shot the parade, and provided our station manager with a few minor technical difficulties to solve, in addition to encouraging the parade to take a slight detour onto the town common itself.

From there the judes awarded prizes in five categories for kids and two that included adults.  There was some fierce competition this year in the Best Homemade, Most Original, and Group/Family categories.  The most popular ideas seemed to be very little kids in cute furry animal costumes, optical illusions (man in gorilla cage, ogre with child), and costumes on wheels.  Even dogs got into the act!

To see the rest of our pictures from the event, click here.  You can also watch the video of our live coverage of all the fun and view the winning costumes.

Unfortunately, on Saturday the fun stopped.  The unusually high snowfall amounts, and bad road conditions, cancelled events around the region inculding our Masquerade Party.   We really appreciate everyone who supported us beforehand, from the folks who bought tickets to the businesses who donated prizes and operated as additional ticket sellers (World Eye Bookshop & The Greenfield Grille).  Though we won't be rescheduling this costume event, we are starting to plan for another "fun"draiser and will let you know the details once they're worked out.  As a reminder, anyone who purchased tickets before October 29th may return them to our office for a full refund.

The storm continued to present problems on Monday as people tried to return to work without 100% power, phone, internet, and other utilities and crews worked to clear downed trees and power lines.  Our station was fortunate to be fully up and running on Monday morning and we worked to get emergency information out to the public in as timely a manner as possible.

The mayor held a press conference at 1pm and we posted both a five minute bullet point news video and the full version on our website around 5pm.  We continued to receive disaster asistance updates from the mayor's office throughout the week and posted them on the lower left of our homepage.

If you haven't been checking that lower right news feed on our homepage regularly you may have missed some important information.  We've stated here before that we're working to put one new piece up there per day, in addition to posting a new video on our homepage each day, but sometimes we have more.  By the end of the day today, we'll have posted four new items including reminders that Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend, many animals were affected by the storm and are looking for good homes, and help is still available for people who anticipate having trouble heating their residences in the coming months.  If you missed anything, be sure to click on over to our News page to catch up.

Speaking of catching up, after a slow start to the week, many of our producers were able to work on their shows despite the aftereffects of the storm.  The Greenfield YMCA and Baystate Franklin Medical Center were able to produce new episodes and folks from the Double Take Fringe Festival came in to get a better feel for our studio space in preparation for their performances here next weekend (we're closed but you'll be able to get in for the shows, click here for more info.).  The Greenfield Town Council also went ahead with their planned Special Meeting at Town Hall on Wednesday, to do first readings on changes to the Fiscal Year 2012 Operating Budget, and you can watch the full eight minute meeting here.

That's about it for this post.  'Til next week, we hope you stay safe, warm, & dry.